Acontius firewing Catonephele acontius, photographed by Joseph Tobias.

Belongs within: Nymphalidae.

The Biblidinae is a primarily Neotropical group of butterflies, distinguished by the structure of the male hypandrium (Wahlberg et al. 2003).

    |--Hamadryas februa WWN03
    |--Sevenia boisduvali WWN03
    |--+--Ariadne emotrea WWN03
    |  `--Eurytela [Eurytelini] WWN03
    |       `--E. dryope WWN03
    `--+--Nica flavilla WWN03
       `--Catonephele [Catonephelini] WWN03
            |--C. acontius S55
            |    |--C. a. acontius S55
            |    `--C. a. exquisitus Stichel 1899 S55
            |--C. numilia (Cramer 1779) S55
            `--C. salacia Hewitson 1852 S55

Biblidinae incertae sedis:
  Biblidini WWN03
  Ageronia S55 [Ageroniini WWN03]
    |--A. amphinome FS54
    |    |--A. a. amphinome FS54
    |    `--A. a. mexicana (Lucas 1853) FS54
    |--A. arethusa S55
    |    |--A. a. arethusa S55
    |    `--A. a. thearida Fruhstorfer 1916 S55
    |--A. chloe S55
    |    |--A. c. chloe S55
    |    `--A. c. nomia Fruhstorfer 1916 S55
    |--A. februa FS54
    |    |--A. f. februa FS54
    |    `--A. f. fundania Fruhstorfer 1916 FS54
    `--A. feronia (Linnaeus 1764) S55
  Epiphile S55 [Epiphilini WWN03]
    `--E. orea (Hübner 1816) S55
  Dynamine S55 [Dynaminini WWN03]
    |--D. gisella (Hewitson 1857) S55
    |--D. niveata S55
    `--D. salpensa (Felder 1862) S55
  Callicore S55 [Callicorini WWN03]
    |--C. clymena (Cramer 1776) S55, B66 [=Papilio clymena B66, P. clymenus B66, Catagramma clymena B66]
    |    |--C. c. clymena S55
    |    `--C. c. peruviana S55
    |--C. lidwina Felder 1862 S55
    |--C. panthalis FS54
    `--C. salvadorensis Franz & Schröder 1954 FS54

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B66] Butler, A. G. 1866. Notes on some species of butterflies belonging to the genus Catagramma. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 578-580.

[FS54] Franz, E., & H. Schröder. 1954. Tagfalter (Lep. Rhopalocera) aus El Salvador. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35: 75-87.

[S55] Schröder, H. 1955. Eine Falter-Ausbeute aus dem westlichen Bolivien. (Ins. Lepid. Rhopal.) Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 329-338.

[WWN03] Wahlberg, N., E. Weingartner & S. Nylin. 2003. Towards a better understanding of the higher systematics of Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 28: 473-484.

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