Flower infected by campion anther smut Microbotryum violaceum, photographed by David Fenwick.

Belongs within: Microbotryomycetidae.

The Microbotryales are a group of smut fungi, previously classified with the other smuts in the Ustilaginomycetes but now recognised as a convergent subgroup of the Urediniomycetes.

Characters (from Bauer et al. 2001): Intercellular parasitic hyphae or haustoria only; cellular interactions without primary interactive vesicles; type A 5S rRNA secondary structure; mannose as the major cell wall carbohydrate. Yeast cells ellipsoidal, showing yeast growth only.

<==Microbotryales [Ustilentylomataceae]
    |  i. s.: Bauerago V02
    |--Fulvisporium restifaciens SG03
    `--+--Aurantiosporium subnitens SG03
       `--+--+--Ustilentyloma fluitans SG03
          |  `--anam. ‘Rhodotorula’ hordea SG03
          `--Microbotryaceae V02
               |  i. s.: Zundeliomyces V02
               |--Liroa emodensis SG03
               `--+--Sphacelotheca polygoni-persicariae SG03
                  `--Microbotryum SG03
                       |--+--M. cordae SG03
                       |  `--M. reticulatum SG03
                       `--+--M. violaceum SG03
                          `--+--M. silenes-inflatae SG03
                             `--M. violaceo-irregulare SG03

*Type species of generic name indicated


Bauer, R., D. Begerow, F. Oberwinkler, M. Piepenbring & M. L. Berbee. 2001. Ustilaginomycetes. In: McLaughlin, D. J., E. G. McLaughlin & P. A. Lemke (eds) The Mycota vol. 7. Systematics and Evolution. Part B pp. 57-84. Springer.

[SG03] Sampaio, J. P., M. Gadanho, R. Bauer & M. Weiss. 2003. Taxonomic studies in the Microbotryomycetidae: Leucosporidium golubevii sp. nov., Leucosporidiella gen. nov. and the new orders Leucosporidiales and Sporidiobolales. Mycological Progress 2 (1): 53-68.

[V02] Vánky, K. 2002. The smut fungi of the world. A survey. Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica 49 (2-3): 163-175.

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