Vegetative cells of Bensingtonia sorbi, from Wang et al. (2003). Scale bar = 10 µm.

Belongs within: Uredomycetidae.

Bensingtonia is a genus of yeasts characterised by the production of ballistoconidia and the presence of the Q-9 ubiquinone.

Characters (from Boekhout & Nakase 1998): Cells ellipsoidal, ovoidal or elongate. Budding mostly polar, with buds sessile or on short denticles, enteroblastic, with percurrent or sympodial proliferation. Ballistoconidia bilaterally symmetrical, straight or curved, apiculate, ellipsoidal, ovoidal, amygdaliform, falcate, allantoid or reniform. Colonies whitish, cream, pale pink, brownish-yellow (ochre), brownish or grayish-red. True mycelia and/or pseudomycelia may be present. Septal pores simple. Clamp connections absent. Fermentation absent. D-Glucuronate and nitrate may be assimilated; myo-inositol not assimilated. Diazonium blue B and urease reactions positive. Xylose absent from whole-cell hydrolyzates. Major ubiquinone is Q-9.

anam. Bensingtonia
    |--+--anam. *Bensingtonia ciliata WB03
    |  `--anam. Bensingtonia naganoensis WB03
    `--+--Kondoa WB03
       |    |--+--K. myxariophylla WB03
       |    |  |--anam. Bensingtonia phyllada WB03
       |    |  `--anam. Bensingtonia thailandica WB03
       |    `--+--+--anam. Bensingtonia changbaiensis Wang, Bai et al. 2003 WB03
       |       |  `--anam. Bensingtonia yuccicola WB03
       |       `--+--+--K. aeria WB03
       |          |  `--K. malvinella WB03
       |          `--+--anam. Bensingtonia subrosea WB03
       |             `--+--anam. Bensingtonia miscanthi WB03
       |                `--anam. Bensingtonia sorbi Wang, Bai et al. 2003 WB03
       `--+--+--+--Chionosphaera apobasidialis WB03
          |  |  `--Kurtzmanomyces nectairei WB03
          |  `--+--anam. ‘Sporobolomyces’ lactophilus WB03
          |     `--+--anam. ‘Sporobolomyces’ sasicola WB03
          |        `--+--anam. ‘Sporobolomyces’ taupoensis WB03
          |           `--anam. ‘Sporobolomyces’ xanthus WB03
          `--+--+--anam. ‘Sporobolomyces’ dracophylli WB03
             |  `--anam. ‘Sporobolomyces’ ruber WB03
             `--+--anam. Bensingtonia sakaguchii WB03
                `--+--+--anam. Bensingtonia ingoldii WB03
                   |  `--anam. Bensingtonia musae WB03
                   `--+--Sterigmatomyces halophilus WB03
                      `--Agaricostilbum [Agaricostilbomycetidae] WB03
                           `--A. hyphaenes WB03

*Type species of generic name indicated


Boekhout, T., & T. Nakase. Bensingtonia Ingold emend. Nakase & Boekhout. In: Kurtzmann, C. P., & J. W. Fell (eds) The Yeasts: A Taxonomic Study, 4th ed, pp. 723-730. Elsevier.

[WB03] Wang, Q.-M., F.-Y. Bai, J.-H. Zhao & J.-H. Jia. 2003. Bensingtonia changbaiensis sp. nov. and Bensingtonia sorbi sp. nov., novel ballistoconidium-forming yeast species from plant leaves. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 2085-2089.

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