Death's head hawkmoth Acherontia atropos, from here.

Belongs within: Sphingidae.

The Sphingini are a group of hawk moths with a usually well-developed proboscis but without sensory hairs on the labial palp.

Characters (from here): Forewing ground colour brown or grey, with numerous undulating crossbands. Hindwing usually with dark submarginal bands; central area yellow, brown or pink. Inner surface of second segment of labial palpus depressed with a naked area, or scaled and lacking this depression. Proboscis normally well developed and functional. Abdominal spines of variable length and arranged in several overlapping rows. Male with uncus broad basally and with uncinate extension or a flat tip; gnathos absent, but if present, bilobate or entire, then both uncus and gnathos heavily sclerotized apically; sacculus variable, but with two pointed, straight or curved processes, or with extended, pectinate apical processes. Female with short or long ductus bursae, which is evenly broadened. Larva usually with several oblique lateral stripes, and smooth in the final instar. Horn usually present. Pupa with proboscis free from body in those species with adults bearing an elongate proboscis, fused to body in species where the adult has a short proboscis; labrum displaced ventrally; abdominal segments 5-7 bearing one or two spiracular furrows.

    |--Dolbina krikkeni AJ05
    |--Megacorma obliqua AJ05
    |--Psilogramma menephron AJ05
    |--Sphinx NS07
    |    |--S. convolvuli F66
    |    |--S. leucophaeata Clemens 1859 [incl. S. lanceolata Felder & Felder 1854] NS07
    |    `--S. ligustri DS73
    `--Acherontia AJ05
         |--A. atropos (Linnaeus 1758) L-SSY04
         |--A. lachesis DS73
         |--A. satanas [incl. A. lethe] WM66
         `--A. styx DS73

*Type species of generic name indicated


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