Female Hoplandrothrips armiger, from Thrips of California.

Belongs within: Phlaeothripini.

Hoplandrothrips is a diverse genus of thrips that are mostly fungus-feeders on dead plant branches, though members of one species group induce leaf roll galls (Mound & Marullo 1996).

Characters (from Mound & Marullo 1996): Antennae eight-segmented, segment III with three (rarely two) sense cones, segment IV with four sense cones; mouth cone long and pointed, extending across prosternum; maxillary stylets usually retracted to eyes, close together medially; prosternal basantra usually not present, probasisternal plates large; male fore femora with an apical tubercle, fore tarsal tooth present in both sexes; metathoracic sterno-pleural sutures usually absent; forewing with small median constriction, or pocket; pelta bell-shaped; sternal glandular area of males differing in size and shape between species.

<==Hoplandrothrips Hood 1912 [incl. Pathothrips Hood 1937, Phloeobiothrips Hood 1925] MM96
    |--H. jennei (Jones 1912) (see below for synonymy) MM96
    |--H. affinis Hood 1915 MM96
    |--H. albipes Hood 1952 MM96
    |--H. angustatus Hood 1927 MM96
    |--H. armiger (Jones 1912) [=Phlaeothrips armiger; incl. H. sycamorensis Mason 1926] MM96
    |--H. bellicosus Johansen 1979 MM96
    |--H. brasiliensis Hood 1954 MM96
    |--H. brunneicornis Bagnall 1917 MM96
    |--H. caudatus Hood 1938 MM96
    |--H. chapmani (Hood 1927) [=Phloeothrips chapmani] MM96
    |--H. costano Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. cubicola Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. erythrinae (Priesner 1925) [=Phloeothrips erythrinae] MM96
    |--H. flavipes Bagnall 1923 MM96
    |--H. forbesi (Hood 1940) [=Phlaeothrips forbesi] MM96
    |--H. fusciflavus Hood 1952 MM96
    |--H. gynandrus Hood 1927 MM96
    |--H. huastecus Johansen 1981 MM96
    |--H. insolens (Hood 1912) [=Phloeothrips insolens. Phloeobiothrips insolens] MM96
    |--H. irretius Kono 1964 MM96
    |--H. juniperinus (Hood 1912) [=Phloeothrips juniperinus; incl. H. proximus Hood 1927] MM96
    |--H. lepidus Johansen 1979 MM96
    |--H. lissonotus Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. longirostris Hood 1954 MM96
    |--H. mcateei Hood 1915 MM96
    |--H. microps (Hood 1912) [=Phloeothrips microps] MM96
    |--H. nasutus Hood 1957 MM96
    |--H. neovulcaniensis Johansen 1983 MM96
    |--H. nigricestus Hood 1933 MM96
    |--H. olmecanus Johansen 1976 MM96
    |--H. ommatus Hood 1952 MM96
    |--H. pallens Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. pergandei (Hinds 1902) [=Phloeothrips pergandei; incl. P. funebris Hood 1912] MM96
    |--H. picticornis (Crawford 1939) [=Phlaeothrips picticornis] MM96
    |--H. proteus Hood 1937 [=H. (*Pathothrips) proteus] MM96
    |--H. quercuspumilae Watson 1920 MM96
    |--H. raptor (Crawford 1910) [=Phloeothrips raptor] MM96
    |--H. russelli Hood 1915 MM96
    |--H. rusticus Johansen 1979 MM96
    |--H. salicacearum Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. scutellaris Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. sides (Moulton 1933) [=Phloeothrips sides] MM96
    |--H. symmetricus Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. tarascus Johansen 1981 MM96
    |--H. tumiceps (Hood 1925) [=*Phloeobiothrips tumiceps] MM96
    |--H. uzeli (Hinds 1902) [=Phloeothrips uzeli] MM96
    |--H. variegatus Hood 1952 MM96
    |--H. vazquezae Johansen 1986 MM96
    |--H. virago Hood 1931 MM96
    `--H. xanthopoides Bagnall 1917 [incl. Phloeothrips reynei Priesner 1923] MM96

Hoplandrothrips jennei (Jones 1912) [=Phloeothrips jennei; incl. P. floridensis Watson 1913, Hoplandrothrips lateralis Stannard 1963, P. (*Hoplandrothrips) xanthopus Hood 1912] MM96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1-487.

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