Sematura lunus, photographed by Scott Clark.

Belongs within: Macrolepidoptera.
Contains: Hydriomenidae, Geometridae, Uraniidae.

The Geometroidea is a highly diverse group of moths, the majority of which are placed in the family Geometridae. The Geometridae and Uraniidae share the presence of tympanal organs at the base of the abdomen, but these are absent in the small family Sematuridae (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

<==Geometroidea [Geometrites]
    |--+--Geometridae GE05
    |  `--Uraniidae GE05
    `--Sematura DS73 [Sematuridae GE05]
         |--S. aegistus DS73
         |--S. diana DS73
         |--S. empedocles DS73
         `--S. lunus DS73

Geometroidea incertae sedis:
  Ligdia [Brephinae] P27
  Mnesiloba eupitheciata P27
  Euchoeca rubropunctaria P27
  Eulype leucophragma P27
  Protaulaca scythropa P27
  Poecilasthena subpurpureata P27
  Lythria chrysopeda P27
  Notoreas P27
    |--N. brephos O81
    `--N. mechanitis P27
  Dasyuris hedylepta P27
  Leptomeris rubraria P27
  Eois albicostata P27
  Gnamptoloma aventiaria P27
  Anisodes pallida P27
  Pisoraca niveopuncta P27
  Euloxia meandiaria P27
  Chlorocoma dichoraria P27
  Prasinocyma albicosta P27
  Urolitha bipunctifera P27
  Eucyclodes pieroides P27
  Crypsiphonia occultaria P27
  Euschema fenestrata P27
  Eucryphia frontisignata P27
  Dichromodes consignata P27
  Epidesmia chilonaria P27
  Adeixis griseata P27
  Monoctenia pallida P27
  Osteodes procurata P27
  Cleora inflexaria P27
  Lophodes sinistraria P27
  Ectropis fractaria P27
  Deilinea rectaria P27
  Rhinodia rostraria P27
  Idiodes apicata P27
  Planolocha autoptis P27
  Thalaina clara P27
  Thyatiridae DS73
  Hydriomenidae GE05
  ‘Euchera’ substigmaria Hübner 1831 NO08 [Cyclidiidae S02]
  Eumelia [Palyadae] WM66
    `--E. aureliata WM66
  Ephyra [Ephyridae] WM66
    `--E. monochromata WM66
  Acidalidae WM66
    |--Timandra aventiaria WM66
    `--Acidalia WM66
         |--A. attentata WM66
         |--A. cirtanaria Lucas 1849 E12
         |--A. ligataria WM66
         `--A. numidaria Lucas 1849 E12
  Micronia [Micronidae] WM66
    `--M. aculeata WM66
  Larentidae WM66
    |--Sauris remodesaria WM66
    `--Austrocidaria AY04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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