Hoplothrips corticis, photographed by Justin C. Smith.

Belongs within: Hoplothripini.

Hoplothrips is a diverse genus of thrips, a number of species of which are known to be sexually dimorphic and/or polymorphic. Males are often more heavily built than females, and may have the head quite differently shaped. Species of Hoplothrips are generally large, dark-coloured species with a broad pelta (Mound & Marullo 1996).

<==Hoplothrips Amyot & Serville 1843 [incl. Bellicosothrips Johansen 1981] MM96
    |--*H. corticis [=Trips corticisi] MM96
    |--H. agrestis Hood 1956 MM96
    |--H. bradleyi Hood 1950 MM96
    |--H. breviventris (Hood 1927) [=Cryptothrips breviventris] MP83
    |--H. bruneri (Watson 1933) [=Plectrothrips bruneri] MM96
    |--H. calcaratus (Hood 1925) [=Trichothrips calcaratus] MM96
    |--H. cephalotes (Karny 1915) [=Trichothrips cephalotes] MM96
    |--H. cubensis (Watson 1924) [=Neoeurhynchothrips cubensis] MM96
    |--H. dentiger Hood 1949 MM96
    |--H. detector Hood 1956 MM96
    |--H. dissonus Hood 1956 MM96
    |--H. fungosus Moulton 1928 MM96
    |--H. graminis (Hood 1933) [=Trichothrips graminis] MM96
    |--H. karnyii R96
    |--H. lacteus Hood 1954 MM96
    |--H. magnificus (Johansen 1981) [=*Bellicosothrips magnificus] MM96
    |--H. mathuri (Ananthakrishnan 1961) [=Barythrips mathuri] MP83
    |--H. militaris (Hood 1933) [=Trichothrips militaris] MM96
    |--H. moultoni (Hood 1934) [=Trichothrips moultoni] MM96
    |--H. niger (Franklin 1908) [=Trichothrips niger] MM96
    |--H. occipitalis (Hood 1933) [=Trichothrips occipitalis] MM96
    |--H. orbiceps (Hood 1933) [=Trichothrips orbiceps] MM96
    |--H. orbiculatus Hood 1954 MM96
    |--H. oriochares Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. orites Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. palmarius Hood 1956 MM96
    |--H. pedicularis R96
    |--H. pictus Hood 1942 MM96
    |--H. polypori Bournier 1992 MM96
    |--H. psidii Moulton 1933 MM96
    |--H. purpureus Johansen 1974 MM96
    |--H. rzedowskianus Johansen 1982 JR-SM-G05
    |--H. spissicornis Hood 1952 MM96
    |--H. testaceus Hood 1954 MM96
    |--H. tyrannus (Hood 1933) [=Trichothrips tyrannus] MM96
    |--H. ulmi MM96
    |--H. vitreus (Priesner 1921) [=Trichothrips vitreus] MM96
    |--H. zacualtipanensis Johansen 1982 JR-SM-G05
    `--H. zonatus (Hood 1914) [=Trichothrips zonatus] MM96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[JR-SM-G05] Johansen, R. M., A. P. Retana-Salazar & A. Mojica-Guzmán. 2005. A review of the New World bryophyte-feeding genus Wegenerithrips Johansen 1983 (Insecta, Thysanoptera, Thripidae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 85 (1): 61-83.

[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1-487.

[MP83] Mound, L. A. & J. M. Palmer. 1983. The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Entomology series 46 (1): 1-174.

[R96] Roff, D. A. 1996. The evolution of threshold traits in animals. Quarterly Review of Biology 71 (1): 3-35.

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