Enoplocytia leachii, from here.

Belongs within: Reptantia.
Contains: Astacida, Homarida.

The Astacidea are a clade of decapod crustaceans including the clawed lobsters and crayfish, with most modern representatives having well-developed chelae on the first pereiopods.

Characters (from Amati et al. 2004): Cephalothorax subcylindrical; rostrum and abdomen well developed; frontal portion of carapace not fused with epistome; antennae with five-segmented stalk and scale; third maxilliped pediform; pereiopods chelate, subchelate, or pseudochelate; first pereiopod longest; abdominal pleura well developed; exopods of uropods with diaresis; genital openings coxal.

Astacidea [Astacura, Nephropoidea]
    |  i. s.: Platychelidae BWW93
    |           |--Platypleon nevadense Van Straelen 1936 BWW93
    |           `--Platychela trauthi Glaessner 1931 BWW93
    |         Viriliastacus AFZ04
    |--+--+--Astacida AFZ04
    |  |  `--Homarida DAS03
    |  `--Thaumastochelida DAS03
    |       |--Thaumastochelopsis Bruce 1988 TS03
    |       |--Oncopareia Bosquet 1854 TS03
    |       |    `--O. bredai TS03
    |       `--Thaumastocheles Wood-Mason 1874 [Thaumastochelidae] TS03
    |            |--T. dochmiodon Chan & de Saint Laurent 1999 DAS03
    |            `--T. japonicus TS03
    `--+--Glypheoidea AFZ04
       |    |--Chimaerastacus Amati, Feldmann & Zonneveld 2004 [Chimaerastacidae] AFZ04
       |    |    `--*C. pacifluvialis Amati, Feldmann & Zonneveld 2004 AFZ04
       |    `--+--Neoglyphea inopinata Forest & de Saint Laurent 1975 AFZ04, DAS03
       |       |--Glypheidae FGS04
       |       |    |--Glyphea robusta AFZ04, P98
       |       |    |--Protoclytiopsis antiqua Birshtein 1958 BWW93
       |       |    `--Litogaster von Meyer 1847 [=Lithogaster (l. c.)] FGS04
       |       |         `--L. turnbullensis AFZ04
       |       `--Mecochiridae AFZ04
       |            |  i. s.: ‘Upogebia’ clypeata BWW93
       |            |--Mecochirus AFZ04
       |            |--Meyeria M’Coy 1849 BWW93
       |            `--Pseudoglyphea Oppel 1861 BWW93 [incl. Triasiglyphea van Straelen 1936 AFZ04]
       |                 `--P. mulleri (van Straelen 1936) [=*Triasiglyphea mulleri] AFZ04
       `--Erymoidea AFZ04
            |--Clytiopsis [Clytiopsidae] AFZ04
            |    `--C. argentoratensis Glaessner 1929 BWW93
            `--+--Pemphicidae AFZ04
               |    |--Pseudopemphix Wüst 1903 BWW93
               |    |    `--P. albertii (von Meyer 1840) BWW93
               |    `--Pemphix von Meyer 1840 FGS04
               |         `--P. sueurii (Desmarest 1822) BWW93
               `--Erymidae AFZ04
                    |  i. s.: Lissocardia von Meyer 1851 FGS04
                    |--Eryma von Meyer 1840 AFZ04, TS03
                    `--+--Phlyctisoma AFZ04
                       `--Enoplocytia McCoy 1849 AFZ04, E14
                            |--*E. leachii [=Astacus leachii] E14
                            |--E. terrareginae Etheridge 1914 E14
                            `--E. ventricosa E14

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AFZ04] Amati, L., R. M. Feldmann & J.-P. Zonneveld. 2004. A new family of Triassic lobsters (Decapoda: Astacidea) from British Columbia and its phylogenetic context. Journal of Paleontology 78 (1): 150–168.

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[FGS04] Feldmann, R. M., A. A. Garassino & C. E. Schweitzer. 2004. The presumed decapod, Palaeopemphix Gemmellaro, 1890, is a unique member of the Phyllocarida (Palaeopemphicida: Palaeopemphidae). Journal of Palaeontology 78: 340–348.

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