Peromyscus (Peromyscus) maniculatus

North American deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus, copyright J. N. Stuart.

Belongs within: Peromyscus.

The North American deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus is a variable species found over the greater part of North America.

See also: The gordian mouse.

Characters (from Animal Diversity Web): Body round and slender; size small, typically 119 to 222 mm long, weighing between 10 and 24 grams; tail length variable, ranging from 45 mm to 105 mm. Woodland forms typically larger with larger tails and feet than prairie forms. Coloration grayish to reddish brown with white underparts. Fur short, soft, dense. Nose pointed; eyes large, black, beady; ears large with little fur. Vibrissae long and prominent. Forelimbs shorter than hind limbs; hind feet 22 mm or less. Tail finely-haired, bicolored, the darker top half and lighter bottom sharply differentiated. Dental formula 1/1 0/0 0/0 3/3; molars low-crowned, cuspidate; third upper molar less wide than first two.

<==Peromyscus (Peromyscus) maniculatus
    |--P. m. maniculatus CZ75
    |--P. m. algidus CZ75
    |--P. m. artemisiae CZ75
    |--P. m. austerus CZ75
    |--P. m. bairdii (Hoy & Kennicott 1857) [=Mus bairdii] B75
    |--P. m. blandus Osgood 1904 MB86
    |--P. m. borealis CZ75
    |--P. m. fulvus G69
    |--P. m. gambeli CZ75
    |--P. m. gracilis CZ75
    |--P. m. keeni J68
    |--P. m. labecula Elliot 1903 MB86
    |--P. m. luteus CZ75
    |--P. m. macrorhinus CZ75
    |--P. m. nebrascensis (Coues in Coues & Allen 1877) [=Hesperomys sonoriensis var. nebrascensis] J61
    |--P. m. oreas CZ75
    |--P. m. osgoodi CZ75
    |--P. m. ozarkiarum CZ75
    |--P. m. pallescens CZ75
    |--P. m. prevostensis J68
    `--P. m. sonoriensis HD37

*Type species of generic name indicated


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