Female Helcon, copyright Steve Nanz.

Belongs within: Braconidae.

The Helconinae are a group of braconid wasps endoparasitic on larval Coleoptera (Achterberg 1993).

Characters (from Brisbane Insects): Second submarginal cell of fore wing quadrangular, vein r-m present, CU1b present.

<==Helconinae A93
    |--Brulleia [Brulleiini] A93
    |    `--B. melanocephala A93
    |--Diospilus [Diospilini] A93
    |    |--D. nigricornis A93
    |    `--D. oleraceus MS01
    |--Helcon [Helconini] A93
    |    |--H. nunciator A93
    |    `--H. tardator A93
    `--Brachistini [Brachistinae] A93
         |--Eubazus pallipes A93
         |--Polydegmon sinuatus A93
         |--Muirella concisa A93
         `--Triaspis [Triaspidini] A93
              `--T. obscurella A93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A93] Achterberg, C. van. 1993. Illustrated key to the subfamilies of the Braconidae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea). Zoologische Verhandelingen 283: 1–189.

[MS01] Mocsáry, A., & V. Szépligeti. 1901. Hymenopterák [Hymenopteren]. In: Horváth, G. (ed.) Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazása [Dritte Asiatische Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy], Band II. Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazásának Állattani Eredményei [Zoologische Ergebnisse der Dritten Asiatischen Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] pp. 121–169. Victor Hornyánszky: Budapest, and Karl W. Hierseman: Leipzig.

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