Female Aphidius ervi ovipositing in aphid, copyright Alex Wild.

Belongs within: Braconidae.

The Aphidiinae are a group of braconid wasps endoparasitic on adult and nymphal aphids. Members of this group are characterised by a smooth scutellar sulcus (Achterberg 1993).

<==Aphidiinae [Aphidiidae] A93
    |--Ephedrini A93
    |    |--Ephedrus plagiator A71
    |    `--Parephedrus relictus A93
    `--Aphidiini A93
         |--Aclitis obscuripennis A93
         `--Aphidius A93
              |--A. ervi A93
              |--A. fabarum [=Lysiphlebus fabarum] A71
              |--A. rhopalosiphi BRL07
              `--A. rosae MS01

Aphidiinae incertae sedis:
  Paralipsis enervis A71
  Monoctonus paludum A71
  Lysiphlebus testaceipes WFS04
  Praon C81
    |--P. abjectum A71
    `--P. exsoletum C81
  Trioxys C81
    |--T. angelicae A71
    |--T. complanatus C81
    `--T. pallidus C81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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