Lejopyge laevigata, from Angelin (1851–1878).

Belongs within: Agnostida.

Lejopyge is a genus of agnostidans known from the Middle and Upper Cambrian of Eurasia (Harrington et al. 1959).

Characters (from Harrington et al. 1959): Axial furrows of both shields obsolete except near base of glabella and at upper end of pygidial axis; genae smooth or rugose; surface of pygidium smooth.

<==Lejopyge Hawle & Corda 1847 HLC03
    |--*L. laevigata (Dalman 1828) [=Battus laevigatus] HLC03
    |--L. acantha Robison 1984 HLC03
    |--L. armata (Linnarsson 1869) (see below for synonymy) HLC03
    |--L. barrandei (Hicks 1872) HLC03
    |--L. calva Robison 1964 HLC03
    |--L. elegans (Tullberg 1880) HLC03
    |--L. hybridus (Brøgger 1878) HLC03
    |--L. multifora Öpik 1979 HLC03
    |--L. seminula (Whitehouse 1939) HLC03
    `--L. sinensis Lu & Lin in Peng 1987 HLC03

Lejopyge armata (Linnarsson 1869) [=Agnostus laevigatus var. armatus, L. laevigata armata, L. laevigatus armatus (l. c.); incl. L. laevigata perrugata Westergård 1946, L. armata trigonospinosa Yang 1982, L. zhejiangensis Qiu in Qiu, Lu et al. 1983] HLC03

*Type species of generic name indicated


Harrington, H. J., G. Henningsmoen et al. 1959. Systematic descriptions. In Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt O. Arthropoda 1 pp. O170–O540. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press.

[HLC03] Hong, P. S., J. G. Lee & D. K. Choi. 2003. Trilobites from the Lejopyge armata zone (upper Middle Cambrian) of the Machari Formation, Yongwol Group, Korea. Journal of Paleontology 77 (5): 895–907.

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