Apanteles glomeratus, copyright André Lequet.

Belongs within: Braconidae.

The Ichneutinae are generally recognised as a small group of braconids endoparasitic on larvae of Lepidoptera or Hymenoptera (Tenthredinoidea), characterised by the presence of an abrupt curve at the anterior end of forewing vein 1-M (Achterberg 1993). However, Achterberg (1993) suggested that Ichneutinae was paraphyletic to a number of other subfamilies. These include the Microgastrinae, a diverse group of endoparasites of larval Lepidoptera characterised by eighteen-segmented antennae, which are among the earliest braconids to emerge in spring in many parts of the world (Achterberg 1993).

<==Ichneutinae A93
    |  i. s.: Anaprixia Mason 1991 A93
    |--Oligoneurus [Muesebeckiini] A93
    |    `--O. concolor A93
    `--+--Ichneutes Nees 1816 HP-W05 [Ichneutini A93]
       |    |--I. brevis A93
       |    `--I. reunitor A93
       `--+--Proterops [Proteropinae] A93
          |    `--P. nigripennis A93
          `--+--Neoneurinae A93
             |    |--Neoneurus auctus A93
             |    `--Elasmosoma berolinense A93
             `--+--Miracinae A93
                |    |--Mirax A93
                |    `--Centistidea ectoedemiae A93
                `--+--+--Khoikhoia [Khoikhoiinae] A93
                   |  |    `--K. lission A93
                   |  `--Cardiochilinae A93
                   |       |--Pseudcardiochiles abnormipes A93
                   |       `--Cardiochiles A93
                   |            |--C. fumipennis Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
                   |            |--C. nigriceps A71
                   |            |--C. punctatus A93
                   |            `--C. saltator [incl. C. saltator var. brachialis] MS01
                   `--Microgastrinae A93
                        |  i. s.: Protomicroplitis N91
                        |--Microgaster [Microgastrini] A93
                        |    `--M. stictica A93
                        |--Microplitis [Microplitini] A93
                        |    |--M. deprimator A93
                        |    |--M. lugubris MS01
                        |    |--M. maculipennis B88
                        |    |--M. ocellatae P93
                        |    |--M. sordipes MS01
                        |    `--M. vidua P93
                        |--Cotesiini A93
                        |    |--Fornicia clathrata A93
                        |    `--Cotesia F04
                        |         |--C. abjectus P93
                        |         |--C. coryphe P93
                        |         |--C. erionotae F04
                        |         |--C. glomeratus H91
                        |         |--C. nigriventris P93
                        |         |--C. saltator P93
                        |         `--C. vestalis PK17
                        `--Apanteles [Apantelini] A93
                             |--A. cajae A71
                             |--A. congestus MS01
                             |--A. deliadis B88
                             |--A. ferrugineus MS01
                             |--A. geryonis MS01
                             |--A. gladiator Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
                             |--A. glomeratus B88
                             |--A. impartunus VHK02
                             |--A. impurus MS01
                             |--A. machaeralis VHK02
                             |--A. malevolus VHK02
                             |--A. obscuripes A93
                             |--A. oenone NS84
                             |--A. pallidipes MS01
                             |--A. plutellae B88
                             |--A. rubecula [=Cotesia rubecula] B88
                             |--A. similis Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
                             |--A. xanthocarpus Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
                             `--A. zygaenarum MS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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