Myrmeleon pictifrons, copyright Dhobern.

Belongs within: Myrmeleontidae.

The Myrmeleontini is a group of antlions characterised by having the Rs vein in the hindwing arising a fair way down the length of the wing (New 1985a).

Characters (from New 1985a): Forewing vein 2A close to 1A at base, then 2A and 3A closely associated over central lengths; hindwing Rs arising opposite or beyond medial fork, usually four or more hindwing presectoral crossveins present.

<==Myrmeleontini [Myrmeleonini]
    |--Weeleus acutus N85b
    |--Callistoleon Banks 1910 N85a
    |    |--*C. erythrocephalum (Leach 1814) [=Myrmeleon erythrocephalus, Glenurus erythrocephalus] N85a
    |    `--C. illustris (Gerstaecker 1885) [=Myrmeleon illustris] N85a
    |--Hagenomyia Banks 1911 [incl. Balaga Navás 1912, Baliga Navás 1912, Nelees Navás 1911] N85a
    |    |--*H. tristis (Walker 1853) N85a, HM55 [=Myrmeleon tristis N85a, Nelees tristis HM55]
    |    |--H. australis Banks 1939 N85a
    |    |--H. papuensis N85a
    |    `--H. sagax [incl. H. celebensis, H. nicobaricus, H. sumatrensis] N85a
    `--Myrmeleon Linnaeus 1767 (see below for synonymy) N85a
         |--*M. formicarius N85a
         |--M. acer Walker 1853 (see below for synonymy) N85a
         |--M. albivenosus New 1985 N85a
         |--M. ambiguus Klapálek 1901 K01
         |--M. bifasciatus New 1985 N85a
         |--M. celebensis N85a
         |--M. commoni New 1985 N85a
         |--M. comptus Gerstaecker 1885 [incl. M. croceus Esben-Petersen 1918] N85a
         |--‘Formicaleo’ crampeli Esben-Petersen 1932 HM55
         |--M. croceicollis Gerstaecker 1884 [incl. Grocus gerstaeckeri Navás 1925, M. loweri Tillyard 1916] N85a
         |--M. diminutus Esben-Petersen 1915 N85a
         |--M. exsanguis N85a
         |--M. houstoni New 1985 N85a
         |--M. immaculatus C90
         |--M. iridescens Kirby 1900 N85a
         |--M. lethifer Walker 1853 N85a, HM55 (see below for synonymy)
         |--‘Formicaleo’ lineatus K01
         |--M. maculaclypeus New 1985 N85a
         |--M. mcfarlandi New 1985 N85a
         |--M. nigromarginatus Esben-Petersen 1917 N85a
         |--M. obscurus Rambur 1842 [=Morter obscurus] HM55
         |--M. pallidus (Esben-Petersen 1918) [=*Myrmeleonellus pallidus] N85a
         |--M. pictifrons Gerstaecker 1885 N85a
         |--M. regularis (Esben-Petersen 1918) [=*Leptoleon regularis] N85a
         |--M. sagittarius New 1985 N85a
         |--M. solers N85a
         |--M. striatifrons New 1985 N85a
         |--M. territorius New 1985 N85a
         |--M. tigrinum Fabricius 1775 N85a
         `--M. uptoni New 1985 N85a

Myrmeleon Linnaeus 1767 [incl. Formicaleo Geoffroy 1762, Grocus Navás 1925, Leptoleon Esben-Petersen 1918, Morter Navás 1914, Myrmecoleon Burmeister 1839, Myrmeleonellus Esben-Petersen 1918] N85a

Myrmeleon acer Walker 1853 [=Grocus acer; incl. M. hostilis Walker 1853, M. inopinus Walker 1853, M. malignus, M. uniseriatus Gerstaecker 1884] N85a

Myrmeleon lethifer Walker 1853 N85a, HM55 [=Hagenomyia lethifer HM55; incl. H. luctuosa Navas 1912 HM55, Myrmeleon nigridorsis Kolbe 1897 HM55]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[N85a] New, T. R. 1985a. A revision of the Australian Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). I. Introduction, Myrmeleontini, Protoplectrini. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 104: 1–90.

[N85b] New, T. R. 1985b. A revision of the Australian Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). III. Distoleontini and Acanthaclisinae. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 106: 1–159.

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