Italochrysa italica, copyright Nigel Jones.

Belongs within: Chrysopidae.

The Belonopterygini are a group of relatively robust green lacewings whose larvae are associated with ant nests (Freitas & Penny 2001).

See also: Of lions and lace; The red-lined wings of South America.

Characters (from Freitas & Penny 2001): Adults thick-bodied with prothorax wider than long; antennomeres wider than long beyond the first few basal segments. Larvae associated with ant nests.

    |--Belonopteryx FP01
    |--Abachrysa FP01
    |--Nacarina Navás 1915 FP01
    |    |--N. aculeata de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |    |--N. cordillera FP01
    |    |--N. gladius de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |    |--N. lavrasana de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |    |--N. panchlora (Gerstaecker 1888) FP01
    |    |--N. plectorica (Navás 1919) FP01
    |    |--N. sagitta de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |    `--N. wagneri Navás 1924 FP01
    `--Italochrysa Principi 1946 FP01, N80
         |--*I. italica [=Hemerobius italicus] N80
         |--I. banksi New 1980 N80
         |--I. chloromelas (Girard 1862) [=Hemerobius chloromelas] N80
         |--I. facialis (Banks 1910) [=Nothochrysa facialis] N80
         |--I. froggatti (Esben-Petersen 1914) [=Nothochrysa froggatti] N80
         |--I. insignis (Walker 1853) (see below for synonymy) N80
         |--I. lata (Banks 1910) [=Nothochrysa lata] N80
         |--I. luddemanni (Navás 1935) [=Nothochrysa luddemanni] N80
         |--I. nigrinervis (Esben-Petersen 1917)[=Nothochrysa nigrinervis] N80
         `--I. punctistigma (Esben-Petersen 1918) [=Nothochrysa punctistigma] N80

Italochrysa insignis (Walker 1853) [=Chrysopa insignis; incl. Nothochrysa insignita Navas 1913, C. stictoneura Gerstaecker 1885, N. xanthocephala Navas 1932] N80

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FP01] Freitas, S. de, & N. D. Penny. 2001. The green lacewings (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) of Brazilian agro-ecosystems. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 52: 245–395.

[N80] New, T. R. 1980. A revision of the Australian Chrysopidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 77: 1–143.

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