Bandidus breviusculus, copyright Dhobern.

Belongs within: Myrmeleontidae.

The Distoleontini are a group of antlions with relatively short cubital veins in the forewing (New 1985a).

Characters (from New 1985a): Forewing costal cells simple; veins CuA2 and (CuP + 1A) relatively short; vein 2A close to 1A at base, then 2A and 3A closely associated over central lengths. Hindwing Rs arising well before medial fork; one (rarely two or more) presectoral crossveins.

<==Distoleontini [Formicaleonini, Formicaleontini, Glenurini, Macronemurinae]
    |  i. s.: ‘Formicaleon’ audax N85b
    |--Neuroleon [incl. Neleomma Kimmins 1938 nec Navás 1914] N85b
    |--Macronemurus Costa 1835 N85b
    |    |--*M. appendiculatus N85b
    |    `--M. striola Kolbe 1897 HM55
    |--Brachyleon Tillyard 1916 N85b
    |    `--*B. darwini (Banks 1915) [=Macronemurus darwini] N85b
    |--Eophanes Banks 1931 N85b
    |    |--*E. formosa N85b
    |    `--E. distinctus (Banks 1939) [=Formicaleo distinctus; incl. E. falcata Kimmins 1955] N85b
    |--Stenogymnocnemia Esben-Petersen 1923 N85b
    |    |--*S. malus (Walker 1853) [=Myrmeleon malus, Glenurus malus] N85b
    |    `--S. angusta New 1985 N85b
    |--Distoleon Banks 1910 [incl. Eidoleon Esben-Petersen 1918] N85b
    |    |--D. somnolentus (Gerstaecker 1884) (see below for synonymy) N85b
    |    |--D. bistrigatus (Rambur 1842) (see below for synonymy) N85b
    |    |--D. morpheus (Kirby 1900) [=Formicaleo morpheus] N85b
    |    |--D. nefarius Navás 1910 (n. d.) N85b
    |    `--D. perjurus N85b
    |--Xantholeon Tillyard 1916 [incl. Cataleon Navás 1933] N85b
    |    |--*X. helmsi Tillyard 1916 [incl. *Cataleon gratiosus Navás 1933] N85b
    |    |--X. lineatus New 1985 N85b
    |    |--X. manselli New 1985 N85b
    |    |--X. montanus New 1985 N85b
    |    `--X. xadnus New 1985 N85b
    |--Stenoleon Tillyard 1916 N85b
    |    |--*S. fieldi Tillyard 1916 N85b
    |    |--S. cingulatus New 1985 N85b
    |    |--S. copleyensis New 1985 N85b
    |    |--S. gradostriatus New 1985 N85b
    |    |--S. grandithecus New 1985 N85b
    |    `--S. navasi New 1985 N85b
    |--Escura Navás 1914 [incl. Alloformicaleon Esben-Petersen 1915] N85b
    |    |--*E. divergens Navás 1914 N85b
    |    |--E. australis (Esben-Petersen 1915) [=Formicaleon australis, *Alloformicaleon australis] N85b
    |    |--E. fitzroyensis New 1985 N85b
    |    |--E. josephinae New 1985 N85b
    |    |--E. nigrosignatus (Tillyard 1916) [=Distoleon nigrosignatus, Eidoleon nigrosignatus] N85b
    |    |--E. notostriatus New 1985 N85b
    |    |--E. patriciae New 1985 N85b
    |    |--E. punctata New 1985 N85b
    |    `--E. rhondae New 1985 N85b
    |--Creoleon nubifer (Kolbe 1897) N85a, HM55 [=Creagris nubifer HM55, Gama nubifer HM55]
    `--Bandidus Navás 1914 [incl. Heteroleon Esben-Petersen 1918] N85b
         |--*B. canifrons (Navás 1914) [=Formicaleo canifrons, Alloformicaleon canifrons] N85b
         |--B. abditus (Walker 1853) [=Myrmeleon abditus, Macronemurus abditus] N85b
         |--B. aeratus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. amarillus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. antestriatus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. apicalis (Esben-Petersen 1923) [=Heteroleon apicalis] N85b
         |--B. barradalensis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. breviusculus (Gerstaecker 1885) (see below for synonymy) N85b
         |--B. brisbanensis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. centralis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. congestus (Gerstaecker 1885) [=Myrmeleon congestus, Formicaleo congestus] N85b
         |--B. cornutus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. dalyensis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. dispersus (Banks 1910) [=Formicaleo dispersus] N85b
         |--B. exilis (Esben-Petersen 1918) [=Heteroleon exilis] N85b
         |--B. furcatus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. fuscus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. handschini New 1985 N85b
         |--B. hilli (Esben-Petersen 1923) [=Formicaleo hilli] N85b
         |--B. hyalinus (Tillyard 1916) [=Alloformicaleon hyalinus, Formicaleo hyalinus] N85b
         |--B. kimminsi New 1985 N85b
         |--B. longigona New 1985 N85b
         |--B. marginalis (Banks 1910) [=Formicaleo marginalis, Heteroleon marginalis] N85b
         |--B. nebulosus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. nigrifrons (Navás 1922) [=Nelees nigrifrons, Neleomma nigrifrons] N85b
         |--B. occidentalis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. ocellonotus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. oppositus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. pulchellus (Esben-Petersen 1923) [=Heteroleon pulchellus] N85b
         |--B. rydalmerensis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. septus (Gerstaecker 1885) [=Formicaleon septus] N85b
         |--B. spinosus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. tibooburranensis New 1985 N85b
         |--B. umbronotus New 1985 N85b
         |--B. vafer (Walker 1853) (see below for synonymy) N85b
         `--B. xylotus New 1985 N85b

Bandidus breviusculus (Gerstaecker 1885) [=Myrmeleon breviusculus, Formicaleo breviusculus; incl. Alloformicaleon waterhousei Tillyard 1916] N85b

Bandidus vafer (Walker 1853) [=Myrmeleon vafer, Formicaleo vafer; incl. Myrmeleon desperatus Walker 1853, Formicaleon desperatus, Macronemurus desperatus, Myrmeleon malefidus Walker 1853, Myrmecaelurus malefidus, Myrmeleon perniciosus Walker 1853, Formicaleo perniciosus, Macronemurus perniciosus, Nelees strigatus Navás 1914] N85b

Distoleon bistrigatus (Rambur 1842) [=Myrmeleon bistrigatus, Eidoleon bistrigatus; incl. Formicaleo acuminatus Okamoto 1910, F. brahmanicus Banks 1913, Myrmeleon striola Walker 1853, F. striola, M. torvus Walker 1853, F. torvus] N85b

Distoleon somnolentus (Gerstaecker 1884) [=Formicaleo somnolentus; incl. D. peterseni Navás 1935, F. thoreyi Navás 1914, *D. verticalis Banks 1910] N85b

*Type species of generic name indicated


[HM55] Handschin, E. & W. Markl. 1955. Neuropteren aus Angola. Diamang Publicações Culturais 27: 65–82.

[N85a] New, T. R. 1985a. A revision of the Australian Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). I. Introduction, Myrmeleontini, Protoplectrini. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 104: 1–90.

[N85b] New, T. R. 1985b. A revision of the Australian Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). III. Distoleontini and Acanthaclisinae. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 106: 1–159.

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