Pilletopeltis sternbergi, from J. Barrande.

Belongs within: Cheirurinae.

Pilletopeltis is a cosmopolitan genus of trilobites known from the Middle Silurian (Wenlock) to the Middle Devonian (Givetian) (Přibyl et al. 1985).

Characters (from Přibyl et al. 1985): Transglabellar furrows 3S and 2S present; median furrows on hypostome relatively shallow; pygidium with long anterior pleural spines and reduced second and third pairs; unpaired medial spine fused with terminal piece and shifted near to anterior margin of pygidium, occasionally only a sligh mucronation discernible in sagittal axis.

<==Pilletopeltis Přibyl in Pillet 1972 [incl. Geracephalina Kobayashi & Hamada 1977] PVP85
    |--*P. sternbergi (Boeck 1827) PVP85
    |    |--P. s. sternbergi PVP85
    |    `--P. s. couffoni Pillet 1972 PVP85
    |--P. affinis (Hawle & Corda 1847) PVP85
    |    |--P. a. affinis PVP85
    |    `--P. a. meridiana (Alberti 1969) PVP85
    |--P. africana (Alberti 1967) PVP85
    |--P. albertii Přibyl & Vaněk 1984 PVP85
    |--P. bitumulata (Weber 1951) PVP85
    |--P. chlupaci (Přibyl & Vaněk 1962) PVP85
    |--P. convexa (Kobayashi & Hamada 1977) PVP85
    |--P. copiosa (Haas 1968) PVP85
    |--P. cordai (Barrande 1846) PVP85
    |--P. euryrachis (Kobayashi & Hamada 1977) PVP85
    |--P. gammata (Weber 1951) PVP85
    |--P. hamlagdadica (Alberti 1983) PVP85
    |--P. insulsa (Lütke 1961) PVP85
    |--P. japonica (Kobayashi & Igo 1956) PVP85
    |    |--P. j. japonica PVP85
    |    `--P. j. granulata (Kobayashi & Hamada 1977) PVP85
    |--P. kameii (Kobayashi & Hamada 1977) PVP85
    |--P. malandriosa (Ancygin 1977) PVP85
    |--P. neomyops (Lütke 1965) PVP85
    |--P. orientalis (Maksimova 1960) PVP85
    |--P. oxina (Holloway & Neil 1982) PVP85
    |--P. parva (Tschernyscheva 1951) PVP85
    |--P. regia (Foldvary 1970) PVP85
    |--P. saharensis (Alberti 1983) PVP85
    |--P. sardiniensis (Alberti 1983) PVP85
    |--P. sculpta (Etheridge & Mitchell 1917) PVP85
    |--P. secta (Kobayashi & Hamada 1977) PVP85
    |    |--P. s. secta PVP85
    |    `--P. s. projecta (Kobayashi & Hamada 1977) PVP85
    |--P. silverdalensis (Etheridge & Mitchell 1917) PVP85
    |--P. sochanensis (Maksimova 1977) PVP85
    |--P. tarda (Maksimova 1955) PVP85
    |--P. transiens (Bouček 1935) PVP85
    |--P. trigonalis (Pillet 1972) PVP85
    `--P. welleri (Raymond 1916) PVP85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[PVP85] Přibyl, A., J. Vaněk & I. Pek. 1985. Phylogeny and taxonomy of family Cheiruridae (Trilobita). Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultas Rerum Naturalium Geographica-Geologica XXIV 83: 107–193.

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