Nieszkowskia cephaloceros, copyright St Petersburg Paleontological Laboratory.

Belongs within: Acanthoparyphinae.

Nieszkowskia is a genus of trilobites known from warm-water palaeozooprovinces of Eurasia and North America in the Middle and Late Ordovician. Members of this genus had the glabella conically elongated upwards or bearing a distinct spine, and two pairs of pygidial spines with the second pair reduced in size (Přibyl et al. 1985).

<==Nieszkowskia Schmidt 1881 PVP85
    |--N. (Nieszkowskia) PVP85
    |    |--*N. (N.) cephaloceros (Nieszkowski 1857) PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) ahti Öpik 1928 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) ahtioides Männil 1958 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) capitalis Öpik 1928 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) inermis Kummerow 1928 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) limuca Männil 1958 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) longispina Thorslund 1940 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) norvegica Nikolaisen 1961 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) osmussaarensis Männil 1958 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) pyriformis (Ross 1972) PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) satyrus (Billings 1865) PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) tallinensis Männil 1958 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) ulsica Ancygin 1973 PVP85
    |    |--N. (N.) variolaris (Linnarsson 1869) PVP85
    |    `--N. (N.) verrucosa Ancygin 1973 PVP85
    `--N. (Ainoa Männil 1958) PVP85
         `--N. (*A.) maeeroensis (Männil 1958) PVP85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[PVP85] Přibyl, A., J. Vaněk & I. Pek. 1985. Phylogeny and taxonomy of family Cheiruridae (Trilobita). Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultas Rerum Naturalium Geographica-Geologica XXIV 83: 107–193.

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