Female Bracon variegator, copyright Landcare Research.

Belongs within: Braconidae.

The Braconinae are a cosmopolitan group of mostly ectoparasitic braconid wasps, with hosts including larval Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera and phytophagous Hymenoptera (Achterberg 1993).

Characters (from Achterberg 1993): Hypoclypeal depression deep and wide, middle part of apparent ventral margin of clypeus distinctly above upper level of mandible bases, bottom of hypoclypeal depression consisting of concave labrum and depressed ventral part of clypeus; maxillary palp with five segments; prepectal carina absent laterally; mesopleuron usually completely flat; length of vein 1-M in hind wing at least 1.5 times M+CU and usually more or less widened basally.

    |  i. s.: Habrobracon A71
    |         Microbracon brevicornis A71
    |--Argamania [Argamaniini] A93
    |    `--A. aereus A93
    |--Aphrastobraconini A93
    |    |--Compsobracon A93
    |    |--Floralibracon floralis A93
    |    `--Pseudodicrogenium monstrosum A93
    `--Braconini A93
         |--Physaraia furcata A93
         |--Simra cecidophila A93
         `--Bracon A93
              |--B. bisignatus MS01
              |--B. cingulator MS01
              |--B. distinctus Lucas 1849 E12
              |--B. erythrothorax Lucas 1849 E12
              |--B. fulvipes A93
              |--B. mellitor P91
              |--B. tenuicornis MS01
              `--B. variegator M83

*Type species of generic name indicated


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