Dacnusa areolaris, copyright J. K. Lindsey.

Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea.
Contains: Aspilota.

The Alysiinae are a group of braconid wasps endoparasitic on cyclorrhaphous Diptera. Members of the Alysiinae have exodont mandibles that are straight or curved outwards, with tips not touching when closed, and with three or four (rarely two) teeth or lobes (Achterberg 1993). These mandibles are used by the wasp to break free of the puparium of their host in which they have pupated themselves. The cross-vein r-m is present in the fore wing of members of the tribe Alysiini but not in Dacnusini (Naumann 1991).

<==Alysiinae [Alysiidae, Dacnusinae] P08
    |  i. s.: Dinotrema Foerster 1862 P08
    |           `--*D. erythropa Foerster 1862 P08
    |--Exodontiella [Exodontiellini] A93
    |    `--E. deserticola A93
    |--Alysiini A93
    |    |--Alysia manducator N91
    |    |--Gnathopleura ridibunda A93
    |    |--Hylcalosia maetoi A93
    |    |--Orthostigma imperator A93
    |    |--Lodbrokia hirta A93
    |    |--Heratemis N91
    |    |--Aspilota N91
    |    `--Asobara N91
    |         |--A. persimilis N91
    |         `--A. tabida GJR97
    `--Dacnusini A93
         |--Eucoelinidea compressa A93
         |--Chorebus A93
         |    |--C. lanzarotensis Fischer, Tormos et al. 2004 F05
         |    `--C. ophthalmicus A93
         `--Dacnusa N91
              |--D. areolaris MS01
              |--D. (Epimicta) caudata Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
              |--D. erythrogastra Szépligeti in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
              |--D. semirugosa MS01
              |--D. senilis MS01
              `--D. sibirica PK17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 6 March 2021.

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