Froggattisca tipularia, copyright Craig Nieminski.

Belongs within: Myrmeleontidae.

The Dendroleontina are a group of ant-lions characterised by females with the posterior gonapophyses digitiform (New 1985a).

Characters (from New 1985a): Tibial spurs usually well-developed; posterior margin of forewing not strongly concave; male sternite IX often bilobed; parameres platelike, not linked with mediuncus; female posteror gonapophyses digitiform; anterior gonapophyses present; gonapophysial plate medially separated by setose membrane; tergite IX without ventral digitiform process.

<==Dendroleontina N85a
    |--Nuglerus N85b
    |--Bullanga Navás 1917 N85a
    |    `--*B. binaria Navás 1917 N85a
    |--Mossega Navás 1914 N85a
    |    |--M. indecisa (Banks 1913) (see below for synonymy) N85a
    |    |--M. govensis New 1985 N85a
    |    |--M. hyalina Banks 1939 N85a
    |    `--M. rosea New 1985 N85a
    |--Dendroleon Brauer 1866 [incl. Borbon Navás 1914, Madagascaroleon Fraser 1951, Neglurus Navás 1912] N85a
    |    |--*D. pantherinus [=Myrmeleon pantherinus] N85a
    |    |--D. amabilis (Gerstaecker 1885) [=Myrmeleon amabilis; incl. D. lambda Tillyard 1916] N85a
    |    |--D. dumigami Tillyard 1916 N85a
    |    |--D. koongarrensis New 1985 N85a
    |    |--D. longipennis Esben-Petersen 1915 N85a
    |    `--D. septemmontanus GE05
    `--Froggattisca Esben-Petersen 1915 [incl. Adeloplectron Esben-Petersen 1923] N85a
         |--*F. pulchella Esben-Petersen 1915 N85a
         |--F. anicis New 1985 N85a
         |--F. gemma New 1985 N85a
         |--F. radiostriata New 1985 N85a
         |--F. rieki New 1985 N85a
         |--F. testaceum (Esben-Petersen 1923) [=*Adeloplectron testaceum] N85a
         `--F. tipularia (Gerstaecker 1885) [=Gymnocnemia tipularia, Austrogymnocnemia tipularia] N85a

Mossega indecisa (Banks 1913) [=Glenoleon indecisum, Bullanga indecisa; incl. *M. reticulata Navás 1914, Dendroleon reticulatus] N85a

*Type species of generic name indicated


[N85a] New, T. R. 1985a. A revision of the Australian Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). II. Dendroleontini. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 105: 1–170.

[N85b] New, T. R. 1985b. A revision of the Australian Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera). III. Distoleontini and Acanthaclisinae. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 106: 1–159.

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