Euphorus sp., from the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Belongs within: Braconidae.

The Euphorinae are a diverse group of endoparasitic braconid wasps, attacking insects belonging to a range of orders including Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Heteroptera and Orthoptera. They are somewhat unusual in that they often attack adult hosts, though some species attack larvae (Achterberg 1993). Members of the Euphorinae have forewings with a curved RS vein and vein Cu1b unsclerotised or absent.

    |  i. s.: Microctonus A71
    |         Syntretus A71
    |         Perilitus A71
    |           |--P. coccinellae A71
    |           `--P. morabinarum R96
    |         Leiophron A71
    |           |--L. apicalis A71
    |           |--L. heterocordyli A71
    |           `--L. orthotyli A71
    |--Cosmophorus [Cosmophorini] A93
    |    |--C. cembrae A93
    |    `--C. klugii A93
    |--Meteorini A93
    |    |--Zele deceptor A93
    |    `--Meteorus A93
    |         |--M. brunnipes MS01
    |         `--M. gyrator A93
    |--Centistini A93
    |    |--Pygostolus sticticus A93
    |    |--Centistoides doesburgi A93
    |    `--Centistes A93
    |         |--C. ater A93
    |         `--C. rufithorax MB93
    `--Euphorini A93
         |--Proclithrophorus mandibularis A93
         |--Ussuraridelus minutus A93
         `--Euphorus A93
              |--E. pallidipes MS01
              |--E. pallidistigma A93
              `--E. picipes MS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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