Deiphon forbesi, from here.

Belongs within: Cheirurinae.
Contains: Sphaerocoryphe.

The Deiphoninae are a group of trilobites known from the Upper Lower Ordovician to the Upper Silurian. They were commonly paedomorphic relative to related taxa, and may have been part of the vagrant benthos or nektobenthos (Přibyl et al. 1985).

Characters (from Přibyl et al. 1985): Glabella swollen; genae and thorax reduced; tenth thoracic segment often not separating from pygidium during ontogeny.

    |--Ovalocephalus Koroleva 1959 PVP85
    |    |--*O. kelleri Koroleva 1959 PVP85
    |    `--O. globosus Abdullaev 1972 PVP85
    `--+--Sphaerocoryphe PVP85
       |--Onycopyge Woodward 1880 PVP85
       |    |--*O. liversidgei Woodward 1880 PVP85
       |    `--O. clarkei (Koninck 1877) PVP85
       `--Deiphon Barrande 1850 PVP85
            |--*D. forbesi Barrande 1850 PVP85
            |--D. americanum Weller 1907 PVP85
            |--D. angelini Warburg 1925 PVP85
            |--D. barrandei Whittard 1934 PVP85
            |--D. braybrooki Perry & Chatterton 1979 PVP85
            |    |--D. b. braybrooki PVP85
            |    `--D. b. bainsi Chatterton & Perry 1984 PVP85
            |--D. brevispina Ramsköld 1983 PVP85
            |--D. dikellum Whittard 1934 PVP85
            |--D. ellipticum Ramsköld 1983 PVP85
            |--D. fleur Šnajdr 1980 PVP85
            |--D. globifrons Angelin 1854 PVP85
            |--D. grovesi Chatterton & Perry 1984 PVP85
            |--D. longifrons Whittard 1934 PVP85
            |--D. pisum Foerste 1894 PVP85
            |--D. pospisili Přibyl & Vaněk 1984 PVP85
            |--D. salmoni Chatterton & Perry 1984 PVP85
            |--D. snodensis Ramsköld 1983 PVP85
            `--D. sphaericum Ramsköld 1983 PVP85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[PVP85] Přibyl, A., J. Vaněk & I. Pek. 1985. Phylogeny and taxonomy of family Cheiruridae (Trilobita). Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultas Rerum Naturalium Geographica-Geologica XXIV 83: 107–193.

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