Homolobus infumator, copyright Chris Johnson.

Belongs within: Vespina.
Contains: Ichneumonidae, Urosigalphini, Doryctinae, Braconinae, Rogadinae, Opiinae, Alysiinae, Aphidiinae, Ichneutinae, Cheloninae, Macrocentrinae, Orgilinae, Agathidinae, Helconinae, Sigalphinae, Euphorinae.

The Ichneumonoidea are a hyperdiverse group of parasitoid wasps, most of which are more or less slender-bodied with multi-segmented antennae bearing a short scape. Living species are mostly divided between the two families Ichneumonidae and Braconidae, with members of the Braconidae having the second recurrent vein present in the fore wing, cell R in the hind wing shorter than the submarginal vein or absent, and metasomal tergites 3 and 4 rigidly joined.

Basal subfamilies within the Braconidae are ectoparasitic as larvae, with subfamilies from Rogadinae down in the tree below being endoparasitic. A number of basal braconid subfamilies (e.g. Rhyssalinae, Histeromerinae and Doryctinae) include parasites of beetles, and these may be the ancestral hosts for the family. However, the relatively small, little-known braconids of the Rhyssalinae may also parasitise Lepidoptera or Diptera (Achterberg 1993). Histeromerus is a small, rarely collected genus characterised by a very short face, with the head being nearly prognathous (Achterberg 1993). The Apozyginae are another small subfamily, known only from Chile, which retain certain wing veins usually absent in other braconids (2m-cu in the forewing and 2-CU in the hind wing), and have the second and third metasomal sternites fused into a single plate (Achterberg 1993). The cosmopolitan Hormiinae, which are idiobiont ectoparasites of Lepidoptera larvae, have the second and third tergites of the metasoma more or less membranous dorsally, generally less sclerotised than the flanking epipleura (Achterberg 1993).

<==Ichneumonoidea [Ichneumonides]
    |  i. s.: Cedria paradoxa A71
    |--Praeichneumon [Praeichneumonidae] GE05
    |    `--P. townesi RJ93
    `--+--Ichneumonidae GE05
       `--+--Eoichneumon Jell & Duncan 1986 H02 [Eoichneumonidae GE05]
          |    `--E. duncanae Jell & Duncan 1986 RJ93
          `--Braconidae [Anomalidae, Branconidae] GE05
               |  i. s.: Heterospilus BM76
               |           |--H. microstigmi BM76
               |           `--H. prosopidis N57
               |         Acampsohelconinae A02
               |           |--Urosigalphini A02
               |           |--Afrocampsis van Achterberg & Quicke 1990 [Afrocampsini] A02
               |           |    `--A. griseosetosus A02
               |           `--Acampsohelcon Tobias 1987 [Acampsohelconini] A02
               |                `--A. rasnitzini Tobias 1987 A02
               |         Pambolinae A93
               |           |--Notiopambolus depressicauda A93
               |           `--Pambolus biglumis A93
               |         Pseudobathystomus (Atlantobathystomus Belokobylskij & Koponen 2004) F05
               |           `--P. (*A.) macaronesius Belokobylskij & Koponen 2004 F05
               |         Microdus tumidulus MS01
               |         Phaenocarpa jaculans MS01
               |         Coelinius MS01
               |           |--C. gracilis MS01
               |           `--C. niger MS01
               |         Chaenon anceps MS01
               |         Wroughtonia ligator HR11
               |         Diaeretus essigellae PK17
               |         Rhetinorhyssalus morticinus PK17
               |         Fushunobracon Hong 2002 H02
               |           `--*F. orientalis Hong 2002 H02
               |         Sinobracon Hong 1974 H02
               |           `--*S. speciosus Hong 1974 H02
               |         Eobraconus inopinatus RJ93
               |         Promicrogaster D96
               |--Rhyssalinae A93
               |    |--Oncophanes [Oncophanini] A93
               |    |    `--O. minutus A93
               |    |--Acrisis [Acrisidini] A93
               |    |    `--A. minutissimus A93
               |    `--Rhyssalini A93
               |         |--Dolopsidea indagator A93
               |         `--Rhyssalus A93
               |              |--R. clavator A93
               |              `--R. kerzhneri A93
               `--+--Histeromerus [Histeromerinae] A93
                  |    |--H. canadensis A93
                  |    `--H. mystacinus A93
                  `--+--Doryctinae A93
                     `--+--Apozyx [Apozygidae, Apozyginae] A93
                        |    `--A. penyai A93
                        `--+--+--Hormiinae [Hormiini] A93
                           |  |    |--Hormius romani A93
                           |  |    `--Pseudohormius turkmenus A93
                           |  `--Lysiterminae A93
                           |       |--Pentatermini A93
                           |       `--Acanthormius [Lysitermini] A93
                           |            `--A. sumatrensis A93
                           `--+--Exothecinae A93
                              |    |--Rhysipolis [Rhysipolini] A93
                              |    |    |--R. hariolator A93
                              |    |    `--R. meditator A93
                              |    `--Exothecini A93
                              |         |--Xenarcha abnormis A93
                              |         `--Colastes A93
                              |              |--C. braconius A93
                              |              `--C. hariolator MS01
                              `--+--+--Vaepellis [Vaepellinae] A93
                                 |  |    `--V. varica A93
                                 |  `--+--Braconinae A93
                                 |     `--Telengaia [Telengaiinae] A93
                                 |          `--T. ventralis A93
                                 `--+--+--Rogadinae A93
                                    |  `--+--Betylobraconinae A93
                                    |     |    |--Mesocentrus crassipes A93
                                    |     |    `--Betylobracon waterhousei A93
                                    |     `--Mesostoa [Mesostoinae] A93
                                    |          |--M. compressa A93
                                    |          `--M. kerri A93
                                    `--+--+--Gnamptodon [Gnamptodontinae] A93
                                       |  |    |--G. molestus A93
                                       |  |    `--G. pumilio A93
                                       |  `--+--Opiinae A93
                                       |     `--Alysiinae A93
                                       `--+--Aphidiinae A93
                                          `--+--+--+--Ichneutinae A93
                                             |  |  `--Dirrhope [Dirrhopinae] A93
                                             |  |       `--D. rufa A93
                                             |  `--+--Ecnomios [Ecnomiinae] A93
                                             |     |    `--E. papuensis A93
                                             |     `--+--Cheloninae A93
                                             |        `--Adeliinae A93
                                             |             |--Adelius A93
                                             |             `--Paradelius ghesquierei A93
                                             `--+--+--Amicrocentrum [Amicrocentrinae] A93
                                                |  |    `--A. concolor A93
                                                |  `--+--Macrocentrinae A93
                                                |     `--Charmon [Charmontinae] A93
                                                |          `--C. cruentatus A93
                                                `--+--Orgilinae A93
                                                   `--+--+--Agathidinae A93
                                                      |  `--Pselaphanus [Pselaphaninae] A93
                                                      |       `--P. trogoides A93
                                                      `--+--Microtypinae A93
                                                         |    |--Microtypus wesmaelii A93
                                                         |    `--Neomicrotypus penai A93
                                                         `--+--+--Helconinae A93
                                                            |  `--Cenocoeliinae A93
                                                            |       |--Capitonius bifasciatus A93
                                                            |       `--Cenocoelius PS05
                                                            |            |--C. analis A93
                                                            |            `--C. huggerti Pitz & Sharkey 2005 PS05
                                                            `--+--+--Meteorideinae A93
                                                               |  |    |--Pronkia [Pronkiini] A93
                                                               |  |    |    `--P. antefurcalis A93
                                                               |  |    `--Meteoridea [Meteorideini] A93
                                                               |  |         `--M. hutsoni A93
                                                               |  `--Blacinae A93
                                                               |       |  i. s.: Eubadizion A71
                                                               |       |--Dyscoletini A93
                                                               |       |    |--Dyscoletes canadensis A93
                                                               |       |    `--Hellenius semiruber A93
                                                               |       `--Blacini A93
                                                               |            |--Blacus fuscitibialis A93
                                                               |            `--Blacometeorus brevicauda A93
                                                               `--+--+--Sigalphinae A93
                                                                  |  `--Trachypetinae A93
                                                                  |       |--Cercobarcon (see below for synonymy) A93
                                                                  |       |    `--C. rieki A93
                                                                  |       `--Trachypetus [Trachypetini] A93
                                                                  |            `--T. clavatus A93
                                                                  `--+--Euphorinae A93
                                                                     `--+--Xiphozele [Xiphozelinae] A93
                                                                        |    `--X. compressiventris A93
                                                                        `--Homolobinae A93
                                                                             |--Westwoodiella [Westwoodiellini] A93
                                                                             |    `--W. bicolor A93
                                                                             `--Homolobus [Homolobini] A93
                                                                                  |--H. huddlestoni A93
                                                                                  `--H. infumator A93

Cercobarcon [Cercobarconinae, Cercobarconini] A93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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