Dictyochrysa peterseni, copyright Shaun Winterton.

Belongs within: Neoneuroptera.
Contains: Leucochrysini, Chrysopini, Belonopterygini.

The Chrysopidae, green lacewings, are a group of lightly-built lacewings with elongate, actively hunting larvae. They are divided between the subfamilies Apochrysinae, Nothochrysinae and Chrysopinae with the Apochrysinae distinguished by the absence of the basal subcostal cross-vein and intramedian cell from the fore wing (New 1991).

Characters (from Zborowski & Storey 2010): Body colour usually green, eyes metallic-coloured; antennae thin, filiform, tapering, longer than half length of forewing; wings with more vertical than longitudinal veins, outlining numerous, almost vertical, rectangular cells, which are usually clear.

    |--Apochrysinae WHW10
    |    |--Oligochrysa Esben-Petersen 1914 N80
    |    |    `--O. lutea (Walker 1853) (see below for synonymy) N80
    |    `--Synthochrysa Needham 1909 N80
    |         |--*S. stigma [=Hemerobius stigma] N80
    |         `--S. evanida [=Apochrysa evanida] N80
    `--+--Nothochrysinae [Dictyochrysinae, Nothochrysini, Nothochrysinos] WHW10
       |    |--Triplochrysa Kimmins 1952 N80
       |    |    |--*T. pallida Kimmins 1952 N80
       |    |    `--T. kimminsi New 1980 N80
       |    |--Dictyochrysa Esben-Petersen 1917 N80
       |    |    |--*D. fulva Esben-Petersen 1917 N80
       |    |    |--D. latifascia Kimmins 1952 N80
       |    |    `--D. peterseni Kimmins 1952 N80
       |    |--Nothochrysa californica WHW10
       |    `--Pimachrysa nigra WHW10
       `--Chrysopinae WHW10
            |  i. s.: Sencera Navás 1924 N80
            |           |--*S. scioneura N80
            |           |--S. anomala N80
            |           |--S. exquisita N80
            |           |--S. feae N80
            |           `--S. fezzanina N80
            |         Nothancyla Navás 1910 N80
            |           `--*N. verreauxi Navás 1910 N80
            |         Ankylopteryx Brauer 1864 N80
            |           |--*A. venusta [=Chrysopa venusta] N80
            |           |--A. basalis Kimmins 1952 N80
            |           |--A. immaculata Brauer 1864 N80
            |           |--A. pallida Banks 1910 N80
            |           |--A. picilabris Kimmins 1952 N80
            |           `--A. rieki New 1980 N80
            |         Calochrysa Banks 1943 N80
            |           `--*C. extranea (Esben-Petersen 1917) [=Chrysopa extranea] N80
            |         Glenochrysa Esben-Petersen 1920 N80
            |           |--*G. typica Esben-Petersen 1920 N80
            |           |--G. franzeni Kimmins 1952 N80
            |           |--G. irregularis (Banks 1910) [=Chrysopa irregularis] N80
            |           |--G. opposita (McLachlan 1863) [=Chrysopa opposita] N80
            |           |--G. regularis (Banks 1910) [=Chrysopa regularis] N80
            |           |--G. splendida N80
            |           `--G. tillyardi New 1980 N80
            |--Chrysopini FP01
            `--Belonopterygini N80

Chrysopidae incertae sedis:
  Mesypochrysa P02
    |--M. intermedia P02
    `--M. reducta P02
  Leucochrysini FP01
  Mallada MC13
    |--M. signatus MC13
    `--M. traviatus ZS10
  Paralembochrysa splendida Nel, Delclòs & Hutin 2005 P-FD12
  Anomalochrysa N91
  Dichochrysa A02
  Hypochrysa elegans VM20
  Nineta pallida VM20
  Chrysotropia ciliata VM20
  Cunctochrysa albolineata VM20
  Pseudomallada VM20
    |--P. flavifrons VM20
    `--+--P. prasinus VM20
       `--P. ventralis VM20
  Mesochrysopinae [Mesochrysopidae, Mesochrysopsidae] EWB18
    |--Aristenymphes Panfilov 1980 RY02
    `--Mesochrysopa YM12
  Corydasialinae EWB18

Oligochrysa lutea (Walker 1853) [=Chrysopa lutea, Apochrysa lutea, Synthochrysa lutea; incl. *Oligochrysa gracilis Esben-Petersen 1914] N80

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 3 April 2022.

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