Reconstruction of Manoblatta bertrandi, from Vršanský et al. (2002).

Belongs within: Perlidea.
Contains: Blattoidea.

The Dictyoptera includes the cockroaches, mantids, termites and related fossil taxa, with the earliest representatives known from the Middle Carboniferous (Vršanský et al. 2002). Though commonly referred to as 'cockroaches', stem-group dictyopterans differed from modern taxa in retaining an elongate ovipositor, rather than producing eggs in cases (oothecae) like modern cockroaches or mantids.

Synapomorphies (from Vršanský et al. 2002; Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Pronotum large, shield-like, with paranota circular, much enlarged and concealing head at rest; head opistognathous; forewing tegminous, R and RS weakly individualised, anal area (clavus) wide, lanceolate, with arched, groove-like claval suture, anal veins gently curved, weakly branching if at all; cercus short.

<==Dictyoptera [Archimylacroidea, Blattida, Blattidea, Blattodea, Mylacridoidea, Phyloblattoidea]
    |--+--Subioblattidae VVR02
    |  `--Archimylacrididae VVR02
    |       |--Archaeotiphites captiosus Z02
    |       |--Manoblatta bertrandi GE05
    |       |--Uraloblatta insignis VVR02
    |       `--Archymylacris BN02
    `--+--Dictyomylacris [Archoblattinidae, Mylacrididae] VVR02
       |    `--D. insignis VVR02
       |--+--Necymylacrididae VVR02
       |  `--+--Poroblattinidae [Diechnoblattinidae] VVR02
       |     `--Sysciophlebia RDS03 [Compsoblattinidae, Spiloblattinidae VVR02]
       |          `--S. ilfeldensis RDS03
       `--+--Phylloblatta [Phylloblattidae] GE05
          |    |--P. aliena Z02
          |    `--P. gallica GE05
          `--+--Blattoidea GE05
             `--Caloblattinoidea VLR09
                  |--Latiblattidae V10
                  |--Fuzia Vršanský, Liang & Ren 2009 [Fuziidae] VLR09
                  |    `--*F. dadao Vršanský, Liang & Ren 2009 VLR09
                  `--Caloblattinidae GE05
                       |--Triassoblatta VVR02
                       `--Aktassoblatta pullata VVR02

Dictyoptera incertae sedis:
  Sinogramma reticularis R02
  Parellipsidion pachycercum WPT01
  Ignaroblatta sibirica Z02
  Celatoblatta WFS04
  Celerioblattina minor WFS04
  Phyllodromia germanica D51
  Leucophaea surinamensis K-P83
  Karataublatta longicaudata GE05
  Pycnoscelus surinamensis R96
  Byrsotria fumigata LY07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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