Stylophyllopsis victoriae, from the Natural History Museum.

Belongs within: Hexacorallia.

The Stylophyllidae are a group of corals known from the Triassic and Jurassic, characterised by septa initially composed of spines or lobes that become covered by sclerenchyma (Stolarski & Russo 2002).

Characters (from Stolarski & Russo 2002): Whole skeleton built of stereomal tissue, organized in bundles of fibres forming wall, radial elements and dissepiments. Bundles of fibres subcylindric or scale−like in shape. Septa composed of spines (or lobes) that are covered with sclerenchymal deposits later in ontogeny.

<==Stylophyllidae [Stylophyllina]
    |--Meandrostylis Frech 1890 SR02
    |--Coccophylum Reuss 1864 SR02
    |--Pinacophyllum Frech 1890 SR02
    |--Anthostylis Roniewicz 1989 SR02
    |--Oppelismilia Duncan 1867 SR02
    |--Leptophyllia Duncan 1868 SR02
    |--Heterastraea Tomes 1888 SR02
    |--Phacelepismilia Beauvais 1976 SR02
    |--Montlivaltia Lamouroux 1821 SR02
    |    `--M. discus Tenison-Woods 1878 F71
    |--Discocoeniopsis Beauvais 1976 SR02
    |    `--*D. nummiformis (Duncan 1867) SR02
    |--Stylophyllum Reuss 1854 SR02
    |    |--S. paradoxum Frech 1890 SR02
    |    |--S. polyacanthum Reuss 1854 SR02
    |    `--S. vesiculatum Roniewicz 1989 SR02
    |--Discocoenia Tomes 1884 SR02
    |    |--*D. bononiensis Tomes 1884 SR02
    |    |--D. radiata Duncan 1867 SR02
    |    `--D. ruperti Duncan 1867 SR02
    |--Haimeicyclus Alloiteau 1957 SR02
    |    |--*H. haimei (Chapuis & Dewalque 1853) [=Montlivaltia haimei] SR02
    |    |--H. guettardi (de Blainville 1830) SR02
    |    |--H. hibernicus (Duncan 1867) SR02
    |    `--H. papillatus (Duncan 1867) SR02
    `--Stylophyllopsis Frech 1890 SR02
         |--S. brevis (Duncan 1867) SR02
         |--S. elchabirensis Beauvais 1986 SR02
         |--S. lindstroemi Frech 1890 SR02
         |--S. mucronata (Duncan 1867) SR02
         |--S. murchisoni (Duncan 1867) SR02
         |--S. patula (Duncan 1867) SR02
         |--S. rudis (Emmrich 1853) SR02
         |--S. rugosa (Duncan & Wright 1867) SR02
         |--S. victoriae (Duncan 1867) SR02
         `--S. walliae (Duncan 1867) SR02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F71] Fletcher, H. O. 1971. Catalogue of type specimens of fossils in the Australian Museum, Sydney. Australian Museum Memoir 13: 1-167.

[SR02] Stolarski, J., & A. Russo. 2002. Microstructural diversity of the stylophyllid (Scleractinia) skeleton. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 47 (4): 651-666.

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