Mesoporus perforatus, from the Alfred Wegener Institute.

Belongs within: Peridiniales.
Contains: Dinophysiales, Prorocentrum.

The Dinophysiphycidae was defined by Fensome et al. (1993) to include dinoflagellates that possess a sagittal suture together with a cingulum and a sulcus. However, the same publication also suggested that this group was paraphyletic with regard to the Prorocentraceae, which have lost the cingulum and sulcus.

Dinophysiphycidae [Dinophysidophyceae, Dinophysoidia]
    |--Nannoceratopsis Deflandre 1939 (see below for synonymy) FT93
    |    |--N. gracilis Alberti 1961 FT93
    |    |--N. pellucida Deflandre 1939 RC02
    |    `--N. senex van Helden 1977 FT93
    `--+--Dinophysiales FT93
       `--Prorocentraceae (see below for synonymy) FT93
            |--Prorocentrum FT93
            |--Haplodinium Klebs 1912 FT93
            |    |--H. indicum Subrahmanyan 1966 S73
            |    |--H. iyengaricum Subrahmanyan 1966 S73
            |    `--H. jonesianum Subrahmanyan 1966 S73
            `--Mesoporus Lillick 1937 (see below for synonymy) FT93
                 |--M. adriaticus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 (see below for synonymy) S73
                 |--M. asymmetricus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 (see below for synonymy) S73
                 |--M. bisimpressus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 (see below for synonymy) S73
                 |--M. globulus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 (see below for synonymy) S73
                 |--M. parthasarathicus Subrahmanyan 1966 S73
                 `--M. perforatus (Gran) Lillick 1937 (see below for synonymy) S73

Mesoporus Lillick 1937 [=Porella Schiller 1928 non Linnaeus 1753, Dinoporella Halim 1960, Porotheca Silva 1960] FT93

Mesoporus adriaticus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 [=Porella adriatica, Dinoporella adriatica (Schiller) Herrera & Margalef 1963 (nom. inv.), Porotheca adriatica (Schiller) Silva 1960] S73

Mesoporus asymmetricus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 [=Porella asymmetrica, Porotheca asymmetrica (Schiller) Silva 1960] S73

Mesoporus bisimpressus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 [=Exuviaella bisimpressa, Porotheca bisimpressa (Schiller) Silva 1960] S73

Mesoporus globulus (Schiller) Lillick 1937 [=Porella globulus, Dinoporella globulus (Schiller) Halim 1960 (nom. inv.), Porotheca globulus (Schiller) Silva 1960] S73

Mesoporus perforatus (Gran) Lillick 1937 [=Exuviaella perforata, Dinoporella perforata (Gran) Halim 1960 (nom. inv.), Porotheca perforata (Gran) Silva 1960, Prorocentrum perforatum (Gran) Abé ex Steidinger & Williams 1970 (nom. inv.)] S73

Nannoceratopsis Deflandre 1939 [Nannoceratopsaceae, Nannoceratopsiaceae, Nannoceratopsiales, Nannoceratopsitaceae] FT93

Prorocentraceae [Adinida, Exuviaellaceae, Haplodiniaceae, Prorocentrales, Prorocentridae, Prorocentrina, Prorocentrinae, Prorocentrinea, Prorocentrineae, Prorocentrophycidae, Thecatoidae] FT93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FT93] Fensome, R. A., F. J. R. Taylor, G. Norris, W. A. S. Sarjeant, D. I. Wharton & G. L. Williams. 1993. A classification of living and fossil dinoflagellates. Micropaleontology Special Publication 7: i-viii, 1-351.

[RC02] Riding, J. B., & J. A. Crame. 2002. Aptian to Coniacian (Early–Late Cretaceous) palynostratigraphy of the Gustav Group, James Ross Basin, Antarctica. Cretaceous Research 23: 739-760.

[S73] Sournia, A. 1973. Catalogue des espèces et taxons infraspécifiques de Dinoflagellés marins actuels publiés depuis la révision de J. Schiller. I. Dinoflagellés libres. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 48: 1-92.

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