Common ringtail possums Pseudocheirus peregrinus, from here.

Belongs within: Diprotodontia.

The Pseudocheiridae are a group of possums including the ringtails and greater gliders. The group is most diverse in wet forests in northern Australia and New Guinea, though some species are found in a wider range of habitats, such as the common ringtail possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus.

Characters (from Long et al. 2002): Dental formula I1-3/1-2, C1/0, P1-3/1-3, M1-4/1-4; molars selenodont, with off-set postprotocrista and premetaconulecrista.

Pseudocheiridae [Pseudocheirinae]
    |  i. s.: Schoinobates minor TL70
    |--Paljara Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
    |    `--*P. tirarense Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
    `--+--+--Pildra Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |  |    |--*P. antiquus Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |  |    |--P. magnus Pledge 1987 LA02
       |  |    |--P. secundus Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |  |    `--P. tertius Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |  `--+--Marlu Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |     |    |--*M. kutjamarpensis Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |     |    `--M. praecursor Woodburne, Tedford & Archer 1987 LA02
       |     `--Pseudokoala Turnbull & Lundelius 1970 LA02
       |          |--*P. erlita Turnbull & Lundelius 1970 LA02
       |          |--P. cathysantamaria Archer, Black & Nettle 1997 LA02
       |          `--P. curramulkensis (Pledge 1992) LA02
       `--+--+--+--Hemibelideus lemuroides CB-E04 [=Pseudocheirus lemuroides BP87]
          |  |  `--Petauroides Thomas 1888 CB-E04, LA02
          |  |       |--*P. volans (Kerr 1792) LA02 [=Schoinobates volans S61]
          |  |       |--P. ayamaruensis Aplin in Aplin, Pasveer & Boles 1999 LA02
          |  |       |--P. marshalli (Turnbull & Lundelius 1970) [=Pseudocheirus marshalli] LA02
          |  |       `--P. stirtoni (Turnbull & Lundelius 1970) [=Pseudocheirus stirtoni] LA02
          |  `--+--Petropseudes dahli CB-E04
          |     `--Pseudochirops CB-E04
          |          |  i. s.: P. dahli WJ26
          |          |--P. corinnae CB-E04
          |          `--+--P. albertisii CB-E04
          |             `--+--P. archeri CB-E04 [=Pseudocheirus archeri TL70]
          |                `--P. cupreus CB-E04 [=Pseudocheirus cupreus TL70]
          `--+--Pseudochirulus LA02
             `--Pseudocheirus Ogilby 1837 CB-E04, TL70
                  |  i. s.: P. antiquus Broom 1896 F71
                  |         P. convolutor TL70
                  |         P. dahli TL70
                  |         P. occidentalis TL70
                  |         P. pygmaeus TL70
                  |         P. schlegeli CB-E04
                  |--P. peregrinus CB-E04
                  `--+--P. canescens CB-E04
                     |--P. mayeri CB-E04
                     `--+--P. forbesi CB-E04
                        `--+--P. caroli CB-E04
                           `--P. herbertensis CB-E04
                                |--P. h. herbertensis R64
                                `--P. h. cinereus Tate 1945 R64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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