Denham stick insect Denhama aussa, from PaDIL.

Belongs within: Phasmatodea.

The Lonchodinae is a group of very slender stick insects found mostly in south-east Asia and New Guinea, often near the ground or in tall grasses (Brock & Hasenpusch 2009).

Characters (from Brock & Hasenpusch 2009): Remarkably slender, wingless, with long antennae. Male anal segment split into two lobes or with two finger-like processes.

<==Lonchodinae BH07
    |--Lonchodes Gray 1835 BH07
    |--Hyrtacus Stål 1875 [incl. Marcenia Sjöstedt 1918] BH07
    |    |--H. caurus (Tepper 1905) (see below for synonymy) BH07
    |    `--H. tuberculatus Stål 1875 [incl. Bacteria frenchi Wood-Mason 1877, Marcenia frenchi] BH07
    |--Austrocarausius Brock 2000 BH07
    |    |--A. mercurius (Stål 1877) [incl. Carausius australicus Brunner 1907] BH07
    |    `--A. nigropunctatus (Kirby 1896) [incl. Carausius macerrimus Brunner 1907] BH07
    `--Denhama Werner 1912 BH07
         |--*D. aussa Werner 1912 BH07
         |--‘Marcenia’ carinata Sjöstedt 1918 (see below for synonymy) BH07
         |--D. eutrachelia (Westwood 1859) BH07
         |--D. gracilis (Sjöstedt 1918) [=Marcenia gracilis] BH07
         |--D. longiceps (Brunner 1907) [=Hyrtacus longiceps; incl. H. imitans Brunner 1907] BH07
         `--D. striata (Sjöstedt 1918) [=Hyrtacus striatus] BH07

Hyrtacus caurus (Tepper 1905) [=Lonchodes caurus; incl. H. cunctatrix (Sjöstedt 1918), H. nigrogranulosus Sjöstedt 1918, Bacillus peristhenellus Tepper 1905] BH07

‘Marcenia’ carinata Sjöstedt 1918 [incl. Denhama austrocarinata (Otte & Brock 2005), Hyrtacus austrocarinatus, H. cylindricus Sjöstedt 1918] BH07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BH07] Brock, P. D. & J. W. Hasenpusch. 2007. Studies on the Australian stick insects (Phasmida), including a checklist of species and bibliography. Zootaxa 1570: 1-81.

Brock, P. D., & J. W. Hasenpusch. 2009. The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Australia).

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