Wood roaches Cryptocercus, copyright David R. Maddison.

Belongs within: Blattoidea.
Contains: Blaberidae, Blattellidae, Polyzosteriinae, Pseudomopinae.

The Blattaria include the crown-group cockroaches, with some studies regarding the termites as derived from within this clade. The Blattaria are characterised by the production of eggs contained within a hard ootheca, that is deposited free on the ground.

Synapomorphies (from Vršanský 2010): Outer ovipositor valves completely internal, eggs laid in ootheca of cockroach type; central ocellus reduced.

<==Blattaria GE05
    |  i. s.: Naupheta cinerea GE05
    |         Loboptera decipiens BM76
    |         Neostylopyga rhombifolia BM76
    |         Shelfordella tartara BM76
    |         Latiblatella rehni BM76
    |         Eurycotis floridana BM76
    |         Tryonicus R96 [Tryonicidae BP10, Tryonicinae]
    |           `--T. parvus R96
    |--Cryptocercus Scudder 1862 [Cryptocercidae] V10
    |    |--C. clevelandi GE05
    |    |--C. darwini GE05
    |    |--C. garciai GE05
    |    |--C. primarius GE05
    |    |--C. punctulatus GE05
    |    |--C. relictus GE05
    |    `--C. wrighti GE05
    `--+--+--Lamproblatta GE05 [Lamproblattidae]
       |  `--Polyphagidae V10
       |       |  i. s.: Vitisma rasnitsyni VVR02
       |       |         Therea GE05
       |       |         Arenivaga C90
       |       |           |--A. apacha WL09
       |       |           |--A. grata C90
       |       |           `--A. investigata C90
       |       |         Eremoblatta subdiaphana C90
       |       |--Euthyrrhaphinae VVR02
       |       `--Lantindiinae VVR02
       `--+--Blaberoidea R96
          |    |--Nocticola [Nocticolidae] R96
          |    |    |--N. flabella Roth 1991 BP10
          |    |    `--N. termitophila V10
          |    |--Blaberidae GE05
          |    `--Blattellidae GE05
          `--Blattidae GE05
               |  i. s.: Stantoniella GE05
               |         Parcoblatta C90
               |           |--P. desertae C90
               |           |--P. pensylvanica BM76
               |           |--P. uhleriana BM76
               |           `--P. virginica BM76
               |         Stylopyga orientalis B01
               |--Macrocerca [Macrocercinae] R96
               |--Polyzosteriinae R96
               |--Melestora [Corydiinae] R18
               |    |--M. adspersipennis R18
               |    |--M. fulvella R18
               |    |--M. fuscella R18
               |    `--M. minutissima Rehn 1918 R18
               |--Blattinae R96
               |    |--Austrostylopyga R96
               |    |--Blatta TW05
               |    |    |--B. cincticollis Lucas 1847 E12
               |    |    `--B. orientalis TW05
               |    `--Periplaneta R18
               |         |--P. americana (Linnaeus 1758) [=Blatta americana] R18
               |         |--P. australasiae (Fabricius 1775) [=Blatta australasiae] R18
               |         |--P. brunnea R96
               |         |--P. fuliginosa BM76
               |         `--P. picea BM76
               `--Pseudomopinae R18

*Type species of generic name indicated


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