Hubbard's angel insect Zorotypus hubbardi, photographed by Arthur Evans.

Belongs within: Polyneoptera.
Contains: Xenonomia, Dictyoptera, Forficulida, Plecoptera.

The name Perlidea was used in Rasnitsyn & Quicke (2002) for a group including the Plecoptera, Grylloblattodea, Dermaptera and Embioptera. Molecular analysis (Terry & Whiting 2005) supports a clade including most of these taxa (excluding the Embioptera), but with the Dictyoptera and Zoraptera also nested within it.

<==Perlidea [Grylloblattida, Grylloblattina, Plecopteroidea]
    |--+--Xenonomia TW05
    |  `--Dictyoptera TW05
    `--+--Haplocercata TW05
       |    |--Forficulida TW05
       |    `--Zoraptera [Zorotypida] TW05
       |         |--Xenozorotypus burmiticus GE05
       |         `--Zorotypus Silvestri 1912 [Zorotypidae] GE05
       |              |--Z. goeleti GE05
       |              |--Z. hubbardi TW05
       |              |--Z. nascimbenei GE05
       |              |--Z. palaeus R02
       |              `--Z. snyderi TW05
       `--+--+--Plecoptera TW05
          |  `--Probnis Sellards 1909 BN05 [Probnidae GE05]
          `--Protoperlaria [Paraplecoptera] GE05
               |--Lemmatophorina S02
               |    |--Dalduba [Daldubidae] S02
               |    |    `--D. faticana S02
               |    `--+--Atactophlebiidae S02
               |       |    |--Gurianovaella silphidoides S02
               |       |    |--Triasseuryptilon acostai S02
               |       |    `--Atactophlebia Martynov 1928 BN05
               |       |         `--A. termitoides Martynov 1928 BN05
               |       `--+--Euryptilonidae S02
               |          |    |--Euryptilodes cascus Sharov 1961 S02, BN02 [incl. E. horridus S02]
               |          |    |--Karaungirella Z02
               |          |    |--Sharovipterum Kukalová 1964 BN05
               |          |    |--Villopterum Kukalová 1964 BN05
               |          |    `--Torrentopterum Kukalová 1964 BN05
               |          `--Lemmatophoridae GE05
               |               |--Paraprisca uralica Zalessky 1952 BN05
               |               |--Oborella BN02
               |               |--Quercoperum BN02
               |               |--Blania BN02
               |               |--Maculopterum BN02
               |               |--Lemmatophora Sellards 1909 BN05
               |               |    `--L. typa GE05
               |               `--Germanoprisca zimmermanni Zeuner 1936 R00
               `--+--Skaliciidae S02
                  |--Idelinellidae S02
                  |--Pinidelia Storozhenko 1994 BN05 [Pinideliidae S02]
                  |    `--P. sukatshevae Storozhenko 1994 BN05
                  `--+--Gorochoviidae S02
                     |--Sylvaphlebia [Sylvaphlebiidae] S02
                     |    `--S. tuberculata S02
                     |--+--Stegopteridae S02
                     |  `--Bajanzhargalanidae S02
                     |--+--Tomia [Tomiidae] S02
                     |  |    `--T. costalis S02
                     |  `--+--Tunguskapteridae S02
                     |     `--Euremiscidae S02
                     `--+--+--Havlatiidae S02
                        |  `--Madygenophlebiidae S02
                        `--Liomopteridae GE05
                             |--Climaconeurites asiaticus Sharov 1961 BN05
                             |--Tapopterum celsum Carpenter 1950 BN02
                             |--Liomopterum Sellards 1909 BN05
                             |    `--L. ornatum Sellards 1909 BN05
                             |--Depressopterum Kukalová 1964 BN05
                             |    |--D. minutus Béthoux, Nel et al. 2005 BN05
                             |    `--D. senior Kukalová 1964 BN02
                             `--Liomopterites S02
                                  |--L. expletus S02
                                  |--L. gracilis S02
                                  `--L. junctus Sharov 1961 BN05

Perlidea incertae sedis:
  Lodevopterum Béthoux, Nel et al. 2005 BN05
    `--*L. angustus Béthoux, Nel et al. 2005 BN05
  Protoblattina Meunier 1909 [Protoblattidae, Protoblattinidae] BN05
    `--*P. bouvieri Meunier 1909 BN05
  Liomopterella vulgaris Sharov 1961 BN05
  Paraphenopteridae BN05
    |--Paraphenopterum Storozhenko 1992 BN05
    `--Laurentiaupterum Béthoux, Nel et al. 2005 BN05
         `--*L. elegantissimum (Meunier 1921) [=Polyetes elegantissima] BN05
  Polyetes Handlirsch 1906 BN05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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