Mounted skeleton of Simosthenurus occidentalis in the Victoria Fossil Cave, photographed by ccdoh1.

Belongs within: Macropodidae.

The Sthenurinae include the fossil short-faced kangaroos, some of which are among the largest known kangaroos. The banded hare-wallaby Lagostrophus fasciatus has been suggested to be the only surviving member of the sthenurines, but its position remains controversial.

Characters (from Long et al. 2002): Skulls relatively short and deep, with wide rostra and thick ectotympanic bones. I1-3 tending to form narrow V-shaped arcade; I3 with elongate crown relative to I1 and I2. Lower jaws often fused at symphysis. Premolars usually wide, high-crowned, complex; molars with crenulated enamel, postlink crest on rear of upper molars; lower molars often with well-developed premetacristid blade extending forward to join paracristid. Digits I and IV on fore foot often greatly reduced, digits II and III elongate; hind foot usually with all digits except IV reduced or lost. Astragalus with high, rounded crests on tibial surface.

    |--Lagostrophus fasciatus LA02
    |--Hadronomas Woodburne 1967 LA02
    |    `--*H. puckridgi Woodburne 1967 LA02
    |--Troposodon Bartholomai 1967 LA02
    |    |--*T. minor (Owen 1877) LA02 [=Macropus minor F71, Sthenurus minor F71]
    |    |--T. bluffensis Bartholomai 1978 LA02
    |    |--T. bowensis Flannery & Archer 1983 LA02
    |    |--T. gurar Flannery & Archer 1983 LA02
    |    `--T. kenti Campbell 1973 LA02
    `--+--Sthenurus Owen 1873 LA02
       |    |--*S. atlas (Owen 1838) LA02 [=Macropus atlas F71]
       |    |--S. andersoni Marcus 1962 M62
       |    |--S. notabilis Bartholomai 1963 LA02
       |    |--S. stirlingi Wells & Tedford 1995 LA02
       |    `--S. tindalei Tedford 1966 LA02
       `--+--Procoptodon Owen 1874 LA02
          |    |--*P. goliah (Owen 1845) LA02 [=Macropus goliah F71]
          |    |--P. pusio Owen 1874 LA02
          |    |--P. rapha Owen 1874 LA02
          |    `--P. texasensis Archer 1978 LA02
          `--Simosthenurus Tedford 1966 LA02
               |--*S. occidentalis (Glauert 1910) [=Sthenurus (*Simosthenurus) occidentalis] LA02
               |--S. antiquus (Bartholomai 1963) LA02 [=Sthenurus (Simosthenurus) antiquus F71]
               |--S. baileyi (Prideaux & Wells 1998) LA02
               |--S. brachyselenis (Prideaux & Wells 1997) LA02
               |--S. browneorum (Merrilees 1968) LA02
               |--S. cegsai (Pledge 1992) LA02
               |--S. euryskaphus (Prideaux & Wells 1997) LA02
               |--S. gilli (Merrilees 1965) LA02
               |--S. maddocki (Wells & Murray 1979) LA02
               |--S. mccoyi Turnbull, Lundelius & Tedford 1992 LA02
               |--S. newtonae Prideaux 2000 LA02
               |--S. oreas (De Vis 1895) LA02 [=Sthenurus (Simosthenurus) oreas F71]
               |--S. orientalis (Tedford 1966) LA02 [=Sthenurus (Simosthenurus) orientalis F71]
               `--S. pales (De Vis 1895) LA02 [=Sthenurus (Simosthenurus) pales F71]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F71] Fletcher, H. O. 1971. Catalogue of type specimens of fossils in the Australian Museum, Sydney. Australian Museum Memoir 13: 1-167.

[LA02] Long, J., M. Archer, T. Flannery & S. Hand. 2002. Prehistoric Mammals of Australia and New Guinea: One Hundred Million Years of Evolution. University of New South Wales Press: Sydney.

[M62] Marcus, L. F. 1962. A new species of Sthenurus (Marsupialia, Macropodidae) from the Pleistocene of New South Wales. Records of the Australian Museum 25 (14): 299-304.

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