Fig wax scale Ceroplastes rusci, from here.

Belongs within: Coccoidea.

The Coccidae, soft scales, include both wax-covered and naked species.

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Female with paired triangular or rounded anal plates at the base of an anal cleft; anterior and posterior thoracic spiracles approximately the same size; spiracular and marginal setae present; tubular ducts with inner end cupped.

    |--Parasaissetia nigra WFS04
    |--*Ripersiella rumicis [=Ripersia rumicis] M27
    |--Phenacaspis dubia [=Chionaspis dubia] M27
    |--Eulecanium patersoniae GE05
    |--Platycoelostoma Morrison 1923 M27
    |    `--*P. compressa [=Coelostomidia compressa] M27
    |--Anoplaspis M27
    |    |--*A. metrosideri [=Lepidosaphes metrosideri] M27
    |    `--A. maskelli Morrison 1922 M27
    |--Saissetia B88
    |    |--S. hemisphaerica [incl. Lecanium coffeae, S. coffeae] B88
    |    |--S. nigra B88
    |    `--S. oleae B88
    |--Coccus B88
    |    |--C. celatus MHG04
    |    |--C. hesperidium B88
    |    `--C. pseudomagnoliarum D37
    |--Ctenochiton B88
    |    |--C. elaeocarpi B88
    |    |--C. perforatus B88
    |    `--C. viridis B88
    `--Ceroplastes B88
         |--C. ceriferus B88
         |--C. chrysanthemum G17
         |--C. destructor ZS10
         |--C. rubens B88
         `--C. rusci B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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