Pleurotroppopsis lankensis, from CSIRO.

Belongs within: Entedoninae.

Pleurotroppopsis is a genus of wasps, found in Africa, southern Asia and Australasia, that paratise leaf-mining larvae of Coleoptera and Lepidoptera (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Pronotum with conspicuous collar edge or carina; scutellum with distinct sublateral grooves, conspicuous at least in anterior half, without distinct median groove; pilosity of scutellum reduced to single pair of bristles in posterior quarter; propodeum with median carina and subparallel plicae.

<==Pleurotroppopsis Girault 1913 [incl. Cotterellia Waterston 1925] B88
    |--*P. maculatipennis Girault 1913 B88
    |--P. hirta [=Cotterellia hirta] B88
    |--P. japonica [=Cotterellia japonica] B88
    |--P. javana [=Cotterellia javana] B88
    |--P. kumatai [=Cotterellia kumatai] B88
    |--P. lankensis [=Cotterellia lankensis] B88
    |--P. nitifrons [=Cotterellia nitifrons] B88
    |--P. pilosa [=Cotterellia pilosa] B88
    |--P. podagrica [=*Cotterellia podagrica] B88
    |--P. sasae [=Cotterellia sasae] B88
    `--P. tischeriae [=Cotterellia tischeriae] B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

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