Female Platymischus dilatatus, from Katja Seltmann.

Belongs within: Proctotrupomorpha.

The Diapriidae are a family of small endoparasitic wasps, primarily attacking Diptera but with some species associated with Hymenoptera or Coleoptera.

Characters (from Naumann 1991): Small (1–6 mm). Antennae usually 9–15-segmented in females, 12–14-segmented in males, usually inserted remote from clypeus on a prominent frontal shelf; wing venation reduced or wings absent; trochantellus present; tergite 2 and sternite 2 fused to form petiole; tergite 3 and sternite 3 or 4 large; cerci digitiform or plate-like. Sexual dimorphism often marked.

    |  i. s.: Malvina punctata M83
    |         Trichopria M83
    |         Spilomicius M83
    |         Polypeza B88
    |--Ambositra Z02 [Ambositrinae GE05]
    |    `--A. famosa Z02
    |--Belytinae A71
    |    |--+--Belyta MH11
    |    |  `--Opazon MH11
    |    `--+--+--Anommatium MH11
    |       |  `--Aclista MH11
    |       `--+--Cinetus californicus MH11
    |          `--Miota MH11
    `--Diapriinae A71
         |--Platymischus dilatatus A71
         |--Loxotropa A71
         |--Galesus A71
         `--Diapria B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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