American pika Ochotona princeps, from here.

Belongs within: Glires.
Contains: Leporidae.

The Lagomorpha contains the modern pikas (Ochotona) together with the rabbits and hares (Leporidae). Living lagomorphs practice coprophagy, producing soft faecal pellets that they then re-ingest in order to extract more nutriments from their food (the final digestive wastes are produced as hard pellets that are not re-ingested).

Synapomorphies (from Averianov 1999): Tooth germs of P2 and P3 fused; I3 absent; diastema between I2 and P3 widened; I2 with groove on anterior surface.

    |--Leporida A99
    |    |--Litolagus Dawson 1958 A99
    |    `--+--Archaeolagus Dice 1917 [Archaeolaginae] A99
    |       |--Lepoides White 1987 A99
    |       |--Pewelagus White 1984 A99
    |       `--Leporidae A99
    `--+--Prolagus sardus AM05, L78
       `--Ochotonida A99
            |--Amphilagidae A99
            `--Ochotonidae A99
                 |--Gymnesicolagus gelaberti Mein & Adrover 1982 BG-PQ-C02
                 |--Austrolagomys L78
                 |--Kenyalagomys L78
                 |--Sinolagomys B74
                 `--Ochotona Link 1795 A99
                      |--O. alpina QE06
                      |--O. cansus IT07
                      |--O. collaris AA02
                      |--O. curzoniae QE06
                      |--O. daurica QE06
                      |--O. erythrotis IT07
                      |--O. forresti IT07
                      |--O. gaoligongensis IT07
                      |--O. gloveri IT07
                      |--O. himalayana IT07
                      |--O. hyperborea BF01
                      |    |--O. h. hyperborea M76
                      |    `--O. h. yesoensis Kishida 1930 M76
                      |--O. iliensis IT07
                      |--O. koslowi IT07
                      |--O. ladacensis QE06
                      |--O. macrotis BF01
                      |--O. muliensis IT07
                      |--O. nubrica IT07
                      |--O. pallasi BF01
                      |--O. princeps MHL03
                      |--O. pusilla BF01
                      |--O. roylei IT07
                      |--O. rufescens B74
                      |--O. rutila IT07
                      |--O. thibetana IT07
                      `--O. thomasi IT07

Lagomorpha incertae sedis:
  Lushilagus B74
  Megalagus turgidus MHL03
  Lagomyidae P04
    |--Ochotonoma Sen 1998 P04
    |    |--*O. anatolica Sen 1998 P04
    |    `--O. csarnotanus (Kretzoi 1959) [=Ochotonoides csarnotana] P04
    |--Pliolagomys Erbaeva 1983 P04
    |    |--P. danubicus (Topacevski & Scorik 1977) P04
    |    `--P. kujalnikensis (Topacevski & Scorik 1977) P04
    `--Ochotonoides P04
         |--O. complicidens Boule & Teilhard de Chardin 1928 P04
         `--O. primitivus Zheng & Li 1982 P04
  Shamolagus B74

*Type species of generic name indicated


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