The beaver parasite Platypsyllus castor, photographed by Lech Borowiec.

Belongs within: Polyphaga.

The Leiodidae are mostly scavenging or fungivorous beetles, often found in decaying organic matter. A number of species of leiodid are known from caves.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Moderately small beetles with more or less spiny legs and usually simple tarsi, abdomen usually entirely concealed by elytra. Antennae eleven-segmented, usually with five-segmented antennal club, second segment of club (antennal segment 8) smaller than either first or third, club sometimes very weak with antennal segment 8 only slightly reduced, or very strong with 8 greatly reduced or absent, unique internal sensory vesicles usually opening on distal surfaces of segments 7, 9 and 10. Larvae active, campodeiform, urogomphi almost always articulated at base; mandibular mola and two apical maxillary lobes (galea and lacinia) present.

    |  i. s.: Paracatops brunneipes E02
    |         Scotocryptus GE05
    |         Catopidius GE05
    |         Silphopsyllus desmanae GE05, A71
    |         Neopelatops AY04
    |         Anisotoma N88
    |--Platypsyllus [Acheiroptera, Platypsyllidae, Platypsyllinae] GE05
    |    `--P. castor GE05
    `--Leptodirini [Cholevinae] PN02
         |--Antroherpon dombrowskii Apfelbeck 1907 PN02
         |--Haplotropidius taxi Müller 1903 PN02
         |--Spelaetes grabowskii Apfelbeck 1907 PN02
         `--Radziella Casale & Jalžić 1988 PN02
              `--*R. styx Casale & Jalžić 1988 PN02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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