Small five-toed jerboa Allactaga elater, from Montarano Nature Photography.

Belongs within: Myomorpha.

The Dipodidae include the jerboas of Africa and Asia. These desert-dwelling rodents are bipedal jumpers, with greatly enlongate hind limbs and shortened front limbs. In many species, the metatarsals of the hind foot are fused to form a single cannon bone, and the hind toes are reduced in number.

<==Dipodidae [Dipodinae]
    |--Euchoreutes naso IT07
    |--Cardiocranius paradoxus IT07
    |--Eozapus setchuanus IT07
    |--Allactodipus bobrinskii IT07
    |--Paradipus ctenodactylus IT07
    |--Napaeozapus insignis IT07
    |--Eremodipus lichtensteini IT07
    |--Protalattaga B74
    |    |--P. grabaui L78
    |    `--P. tunggurensis DW04
    |--Dipus IT07
    |    |--D. aegyptius T66
    |    `--D. sagitta IT07
    |--Pygeretmus IT07
    |    |--P. platyurus IT07
    |    |--P. pumilio IT07
    |    `--P. shitkovi IT07
    |--Stylodipus IT07
    |    |--S. andrewsi IT07
    |    |--S. sungorus IT07
    |    `--S. telum IT07
    |--Jaculus B74
    |    |--J. blanfordi B74
    |    |--J. jaculus IT07
    |    |--J. orientalis IT07
    |    `--J. turcmenicus IT07
    |--Salpingotus IT07
    |    |--S. crassicauda IT07
    |    |--S. heptneri BP87
    |    |--S. kozlovi BP87
    |    |--S. michaelis BP87
    |    |--S. pallidus IT07
    |    `--S. thomasi BP87
    `--Allactaga Cuvier 1836 M02
         |--A. balikunica IT07
         |--A. bullata IT07
         |--A. elater B74
         |    |--A. e. elater B74
         |    `--A. e. indica B74
         |--A. euphratica IT07
         |--A. firouzi IT07
         |--A. hotsoni IT07
         |--A. major IT07
         |--‘Larus’ priscus Giebel 1847 M02
         |--A. severtzovi IT07
         |--A. sibirica IT07
         |--A. tetradactyla IT07
         `--A. vinogradovi IT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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