Sundevall's jird Meriones crassus, from here.

Belongs within: Myomorpha.
Contains: Tatera.

The Gerbillidae are a primarily African radiation of rodents of somewhat doubtful monophyly. Members of the family are quite diverse; ancestrally, they probably had teeth with two cusp files, but in some (such as the Gerbillinae), the cusps are united by transverse crests (Lavocat 1978).

<==Gerbillidae [Nesomyidae]
    |--Nesomyinae L78
    |    |--Steatomys AH06
    |    |    |--S. caurinus IT07
    |    |    |--S. cuppedius IT07
    |    |    |--S. jacksoni BP87
    |    |    |--S. krebsii IT07
    |    |    |--S. parvus IT07
    |    |    `--S. pratensis L78
    |    `--Tachyoryctes [Tachyoryctinae] AH06
    |         |--T. ankoliae IT07
    |         |--T. annectens IT07
    |         |--T. audax IT07
    |         |--T. daemon IT07
    |         |--T. macrocephalus L78
    |         |--T. naivashae IT07
    |         |--T. rex IT07
    |         |--T. ruandae IT07
    |         |--T. ruddi IT07
    |         |--T. spalacinus IT07
    |         `--T. splendens IT07
    |--Lophiomys IT07 [Lophiomyinae L78]
    |    `--L. imhausi IT07
    |--Mystromys [Mystromyinae] L78
    |    |--M. albicaudatus IT07
    |    |--M. antiquus L78
    |    |--M. darti L78
    |    `--M. hausleitneri L78
    |--Otomys [Otomyinae] L78
    |    |--O. anchietae IT07
    |    |--O. angoniensis IT07
    |    |--O. denti IT07
    |    |--O. irroratus IT07
    |    |--O. kempi L78
    |    |--O. laminatus IT07
    |    |--O. maximus IT07
    |    |--O. occidentalis IT07
    |    |--O. saundersiae IT07
    |    |--O. sloggetti IT07
    |    |--O. tropicalis IT07
    |    |--O. typus IT07
    |    `--O. unisulcatus IT07
    |--Myocricetodontinae [Myocricetodontidae] J88
    |    |--Mellalomys atlasi [=Cricetodon atlasi] L78
    |    |--Dakkamys L78
    |    `--Myocricetodon L78
    |         |--M. cherifiensis L78
    |         |--M. irhoudi L78
    |         `--M. parvus L78
    `--Gerbillinae L78
         |--Protatera L78
         |--Epimeriones L78
         |--Gerbillus L78
         |--Pachyuromys duprasi B74
         |--Tatera L78
         |    |--T. afra IT07
         |    |--T. boehmi IT07
         |    |--T. brantsi L78
         |    |--T. guineae IT07
         |    |--T. inclusa IT07
         |    |--T. indica IT07
         |    |--T. kempi IT07
         |    |--T. leucogaster IT07
         |    |--T. nigricauda IT07
         |    |--T. phillipsi IT07
         |    |--T. robusta IT07
         |    `--T. valida IT07
         `--Meriones L78
              |--M. arimalius IT07
              |--M. chengi IT07
              |--M. crassus IT07
              |--M. dahli IT07
              |--M. hurrianae IT07
              |--M. libycus B74
              |--M. meridianus IT07
              |--M. persicus IT07
              |--M. rex IT07
              |--M. sacramenti IT07
              |--M. schawi SB02
              |--M. tamariscinus IT07
              |--M. tristrami IT07
              |--M. unguiculatus B74
              |--M. vinogradovi IT07
              `--M. zarudnyi IT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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