Prevost's squirrel Callosciurus prevostii, photographed by Luis Argerich.

Belongs within: Sciuridae.

The Callosciurini as recognised herein are a clade of tree squirrels found in southern Asia. The clade is supported by molecular analysis; the basal Funambulus is morphologically distinct from the remaining callosciurins (Mercer & Roth 2003).

    |--Funambulus MR03
    |    |--F. layardi IT07
    |    |--F. palmarum MR03
    |    |--F. pennanti MR03
    |    |--F. sublineatus IT07
    |    `--F. tristriatus IT07
    `--+--Exilisciurus MR03
       |    |--E. concinnus MR03
       |    |--E. exilis MR03
       |    `--E. whiteheadi IT07
       `--+--+--Hyosciurus MR03
          |  |    |--H. heinrichi MR03
          |  |    `--H. ileile IT07
          |  `--+--Rubrisciurus rubriventer MR03
          |     `--Prosciurillus MR03
          |          |--P. abstrusus IT07
          |          |--P. leucomus IT07
          |          |--P. murinus MR03
          |          `--P. weberi IT07
          `--+--+--Tamiops MR03
             |  |    |--T. macclellandi IT07
             |  |    |--T. maritimus IT07
             |  |    |--T. rodolphei IT07
             |  |    `--T. swinhoei MR03
             |  `--Dremomys MR03
             |       |--D. everetti IT07
             |       |--D. lokriah IT07
             |       |--D. pernyi IT07
             |       |--D. pyrrhomerus IT07
             |       `--D. rufigenis MR03
             `--+--Nannosciurus MR03
                |    |--N. melanotus MR03
                |    `--N. surrutilus BF01
                `--+--Sundasciurus MR03
                   |    |--S. brookei MR03
                   |    |--S. davensis IT07
                   |    |--S. fraterculus IT07
                   |    |--S. hippurus IT07
                   |    |--S. hoogstraali IT07
                   |    |--S. jentinki IT07
                   |    |--S. juvencus IT07
                   |    |--S. lowii IT07
                   |    |--S. mindanensis IT07
                   |    |--S. mollendorffi IT07
                   |    |--S. philippinensis IT07
                   |    |--S. rabori IT07
                   |    |--S. samarensis IT07
                   |    |--S. steerii IT07
                   |    `--S. tenuis IT07
                   `--+--+--Menetes berdmorei MR03
                      |  `--Rhinosciurus MR03
                      |       |--R. laticaudatus MR03
                      |       `--R. tupaioides B74
                      `--+--Lariscus MR03
                         |    |--L. hosei IT07
                         |    |--L. insignis MR03
                         |    |--L. niobe IT07
                         |    `--L. obscurus IT07
                         `--+--Glyphotes MR03
                            |    |--G. canalvus BP87
                            |    `--G. simus MR03
                            `--Callosciurus MR03
                                 |--C. adamsi IT07
                                 |--C. albescens IT07
                                 |--C. baluensis IT07
                                 |--C. caniceps M76
                                 |    |--C. c. caniceps M76
                                 |    `--C. c. thaiwanensis Bonhote 1901 M76
                                 |--C. finlaysonii IT07
                                 |--C. flavimanus B74
                                 |    |--C. f. flavimanus VP89
                                 |    `--C. f. thai VP89
                                 |--C. inornatus IT07
                                 |--C. melanogaster IT07
                                 |--C. nigrovittatus IT07
                                 |--C. notatus MR03
                                 |--C. orestes IT07
                                 |--C. phayrei IT07
                                 |--C. prevostii IT07
                                 |--C. pygerythrus IT07
                                 `--C. quinquestriatus IT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[VP89] Viney, C., & K. Phillipps. 1989. Birds of Hong Kong 5th ed. Government Printer: Hong Kong.

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