Eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus, photographed by Doyle Frank.

Belongs within: Lagomorpha.
Contains: Oryctolagini.

The Leporidae includes the rabbits and hares, small to medium-sized herbivorous mammals with generally elongate ears and feet. Among the larger genera of leporids is Sylvilagus, the cottontails, an assemblage of burrowing rabbits found in North and northern South America.

Synapomorphies (from Averianov 1999, for crown-group excluding Hypolagus): P2 with three or more reentrants; M3 reduced, width <40% of width of M2; p3 with both posteroexternal and posterointernal reentrants present.

    |  i. s.: Panolax Cope 1874 (n. d.) A99
    |           `--P. sanctaefidaei Cope 1874 C77
    |--Hypolagus Dice 1917 A99, P04
    |    |--H. beremendensis (Petényi 1864) (see below for synonymy) P04
    |    |--H. brachignathus P04
    |    |--H. igrmovi Gureev 1964 P04
    |    `--H. vetus TH03
    `--+--Alilepus Dice 1931 A99
       |--Notolagini A99
       |    |--Pronotolagus White 1991 A99
       |    `--+--Notolagus Wilson 1938 A99
       |       `--Paranotolagus Miller & Carranza-Castañeda 1982 A99
       |--Pentalaginae A99
       |    |--Pentalagus Lyon 1904 A99
       |    |    `--P. furnessi (Stone 1900) P04
       |    |--Sericolagus Averianov 1996 A99
       |    |    `--S. brachypus DW04
       |    |--Pliopentalagus Gureev & Konkova 1964 A99
       |    |    |--P. dietrichi (Fejfar 1961) [=Alilepus dietrichi] P04
       |    |    `--P. moldaviensis Gureev & Konkova 1964 P04
       |    |--Trischizolagus Radulesco & Samson 1967 A99
       |    |    |--T. dumitrescue Radulesco & Samson 1967 (see below for synonymy) P04
       |    |    `--T. maritsae De Bruijn, Dawson & Mein 1970 P04
       |    `--Bunolagini A99
       |         |--Serengetilagus Dietrich 1941 A99
       |         `--+--Bunolagus Thomas 1929 A99
       |            |    `--B. monticularis IT07
       |            `--Pronolagus Lyon 1904 A99
       |                 |--P. crassicaudatus (Geoffroy 1832) P04
       |                 |--P. randensis IT07
       |                 `--P. rupestris IT07
       `--Leporinae A99
            |--Aztlanolagus Russell & Harris 1986 A99
            |--Pratilepus Hibbard 1939 A99
            |--Nekrolagus Hibbard 1939 A99
            |--Romerolagus Merriam 1896 A99
            |    `--R. diazi BF01
            `--+--Aluralagus Downey 1968 A99
               |--Brachylagus Miller 1900 A99
               |    `--B. idahoensis IT07 [=Sylvilagus idahoensis J68]
               |--+--Oryctolagini A99
               |  |--Nesolagus Forsyth Major 1899 A99
               |  |    |--N. netscheri IT07
               |  |    `--N. timminsi IT07
               |  `--+--Poelagus St. Leger 1932 A99
               |     |    `--P. marjorita IT07
               |     `--Caprolagus Blyth 1845 A99
               |          `--C. hispidus IT07
               `--Sylvilagus Gray 1867 A99
                    |--S. aquaticus IT07
                    |--S. audubonii MB86
                    |    |--S. a. audubonii MB86
                    |    |--S. a. minor MB86
                    |    |--S. a. neomexicanus F68
                    |    `--S. a. parvulus (Allen 1904) MB86
                    |--S. bachmani IT07
                    |--S. brasiliensis G69
                    |    |--S. b. brasiliensis G69
                    |    |--S. b. gabbi G69
                    |    `--S. b. truei G69
                    |--S. cunicularius G69
                    |    |--S. c. cunicularius G69
                    |    `--S. c. pacificus G69
                    |--S. dicei IT07
                    |--S. floridanus ANG03
                    |    |--S. f. floridanus MB86
                    |    |--S. f. aztecus G69
                    |    |--S. f. connectens G69
                    |    |--S. f. llanensis F68
                    |    |--S. f. mearnsii (Allen 1894) [=Lepus sylvaticus mearnsii] B75
                    |    |--S. f. orizabae (Merriam 1893) MB86
                    |    `--S. f. similis F68
                    |--S. graysoni IT07
                    |--S. insonus IT07
                    |--S. mansuetus IT07
                    |--S. nuttallii ANG03
                    |--S. palustris BF01
                    `--S. transitionalis ANG03

Hypolagus beremendensis (Petényi 1864) [=Lepus beremendensis, Pliolagus beremendensis; incl. P. tothi Kretzoi 1941] P04

Trischizolagus dumitrescue Radulesco & Samson 1967 [incl. Pratilepus kutschurganicus Topachevsky 1980, Seregnetilagus orientieuropaeus Topachevsky 1987, P. ucrainicus Topachevsky 1980] P04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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