Agrypnus argillaceus, from here.

Belongs within: Elateridae.

The Agrypnini are a large group of click beetles distinguished by having deep grooves on the prosternal sutures that the antennae can lay in, and an undivided mesosternum and mesepisternum (Stibick 1979).

Characters (from Stibick 1979): Prosternal sutures with deep grooves for reception of antennae, rarely grooved posteriorly for reception of anterior tarsi; frontal carina absent, vague or more or less present above to variously developed between antennae, frons more or less concave, mouthparts inferior; prosternal lobes normally arcuate or even prominent, prosternum simple, without cross or transverse sutures, propleuron and metasternum may be either grooved for tarsae or antennae or not; mesosternum and mesepisternum simple, not divided by cross sutures, meso- and metasternum with distinct suture or suture indistinct or absent; scutellum shield-shaped, never cordate; tarsi various; claws with seta(e) at base (rarely absent).

    |--Lanelater aequalis (Cand├Ęze 1857) [=Agrypnus aequalis] PS07
    |--Adelocera (Brachylacon) PS07
    |    |--A. (B.) gressitti (Ohira 1972) [=Brachylacon (Aganolacon) gressitti] PS07
    |    `--A. (B.) shirozui (Ohira 1967) (see below for synonymy) PS07
    |--Lacon PS07
    |    |  i. s.: L. bipapulatus B66
    |    `--L. (Alaotypus) PS07
    |         |--L. (A.) churakagi (Ohira 1971) [=Alaotypus churakagi] PS07
    |         |--L. (A.) kikuchii (Miwa 1929) [=Adelocera kikuchii] PS07
    |         |--L. (A.) kintaroui Kishii 1990 PS07
    |         `--L. (A.) kushihige Kishii 1990 PS07
    `--Agrypnus Eschscholtz 1829 PS07
         |  i. s.: A. luridus [=Elater luridus] G89
         |         A. notodonta [=Elater notodonta] G89
         |         A. politus B66
         |         A. pumilus G89
         |         A. variabilis WH02
         |--A. (Agrypnus) PS07
         |    |--A. (A.) formosanus (Bates 1866) [=Lacon formosanus] PS07
         |    `--A. (A.) polishaensis Ohira 1977 PS07
         |--A. (Colaulon) PS07
         |    |--A. (C.) herczigi Platia & Schimmel 2007 PS07
         |    |--A. (C.) hypnicola (Kishii 1964) PS07
         |    `--A. (C.) shirakii (Matsumura 1910) PS07
         |--A. (Compsolacon) baibaranus Hayek 1973 (see below for synonymy) PS07
         |--A. (Paralacon) argillaceus PS07
         |    |--A. a. argillaceus PS07
         |    `--A. a. shirozui (Ohira 1966) [=Adelocera (Sabikikorius) shirozui] PS07
         |--A. (Sabikikorius) setiger (Bates 1866) [=Lacon setiger] PS07
         `--A. (Sagoiyo) PS07
              |--A. (S.) kawamurae (Miwa 1929) [=Lacon kawamurae] PS07
              `--A. (S.) taiwanus (Miwa 1927) [=Lacon taiwanus] PS07

Adelocera (Brachylacon) shirozui (Ohira 1967) [=Brachylacon (Aganolacon) shirozui non Adelocera shirozui Ohira 1966 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)] PS07

Agrypnus (Compsolacon) baibaranus Hayek 1973 [=Neolacon formosanus Miwa 1929 non Lacon formosanus Bates 1866] PS07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B66] Bates, H. W. 1866. On a collection of Coleoptera from Formosa sent home by R. Swinhoe, Esq., H. B. M. Consul, Formosa. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 339-355.

[G89] Gestro, R. 1889. Viaggio ab Assab nel Mar Rosso dei signori G. Doria ed O. Beccari con il R. Avviso «Esploratore» dal 16 Novembre 1879 al 26 Febbraio 1880. – IV. Coleotteri. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova, Serie 2a 7: 5-72.

[PS07] Platia, G., & R. Schimmel. 2007. Click beetles of Taiwan collected by the expeditions of the Hungarian Natural History Museum in the years 1995 to 2003 (Coleoptera: Elateridae). Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 99: 49-91.

Stibick, J. N. L. 1979. Classification of the Elateridae (Coleoptera). Relationships and classification of the subfamilies and tribes. Pacific Insects 20 (2-3): 145-186.

[WH02] Worthy, T. H., & R. N. Holdaway. 2002. The Lost World of the Moa: Prehistoric life of New Zealand. Indiana University Press: Bloomington (Indiana).

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