Brachygonus ruficeps, from the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

Belongs within: Elateridae.

The Ampedini are a large tribe of click beetles, diagnosed by their combination of an arcuately carinate frons, broadly open procoxal cavities, flat prosternal process and entire elytral apex (Stibick 1979).

Characters (from Stibick 1979): Head capsule oval, deflexed, mouthparts inferior, frontal carina complete, arcuate, bending down between antennae to meet or at least close towards labrum; antennae ll-segmented, serrate; prothorax more or less normally narrowed anteriorly, prosternal sutures entire or excavated in front, double or single, surface of prosternal process flat between procoxae, procoxal cavities broadly open behind and wide anteriorly; scutellum shield-shaped, never cordate; mesocoxae open to both mesepimeron and mesepisternum; meso- and metasternum distinct, joined by a definite suture; apex of elytra entire; tarsi simple; claws simple, without basal setae.

    |--Merklelater Platia & Schimmel 2007 PS07
    |    `--*M. anstinei Platia & Schimmel 2007 PS07
    |--Brachygonus Buysson 1812 PS07
    |    |--B. gratiosus Platia & Schimmel 1991 PS07
    |    `--B. ruficeps Mulsant & Guillebeau 1885 PS07
    |--Reitterelater Platia & Cate 1990 PS07
    |    |--R. kuriharai Ohira 2000 PS07
    |    `--R. pappi Platia & Schimmel 2007 PS07
    `--Ampedus Dejean 1833 PS07
         |--A. agnatus Schimmel 1993 PS07
         |--A. fabiani Platia & Schimmel 2007 PS07
         |--A. formosensis (Miwa 1929) [=Elater formosensis] PS07
         |--A. kuangtangi Platia & Schimmel 2007 PS07
         |--A. masamichii Kishii 1990 PS07
         `--A. tattakensis Ohira 1966 PS07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[PS07] Platia, G., & R. Schimmel. 2007. Click beetles of Taiwan collected by the expeditions of the Hungarian Natural History Museum in the years 1995 to 2003 (Coleoptera: Elateridae). Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 99: 49-91.

Stibick, J. N. L. 1979. Classification of the Elateridae (Coleoptera). Relationships and classification of the subfamilies and tribes. Pacific Insects 20 (2-3): 145-186.

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