Pachytroctes neoleonensis female, copyright Diane Young.

Belongs within: Psocodea.
Contains: Phthiraptera, Embidopsocinae, Liposcelis, Tapinella.

The Nanopsocetae are a group of small booklice and barklice that lack wings or have wings with a reduced venation. Phylogenetic studies have indicated that the parasitic lice of the Phthiraptera have their ancestry within this group.

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Antennae usually 15-segmented, sometimes 14-segmented, very rarely with nine or ten segments. Labial palpi with one segment; maxillary palpi without conical sensillum on second segment. Scales never present on body or wings. Commonly apterous, more rarely macropterous; wings, if present, without nodulus, carried horizontally over abdomen. Pretarsal claws with one subapical tooth or lacking tooth. Paraprocts without apical spine, lacking trichobothria. Female with gonapophyses small, glabrous.

<==Nanopsocetae [Liposceletae, Liposcelidoidea, Liposceloidea] YL10
    |--Sphaeropsocidae YL10
    |    |--Sphaeropsocus Hagen 1882 [incl. Paleotroctes Enderlein 1911] M93
    |    |    `--*S. kunowii Hagen 1882 M93, B50
    |    |--Badonnelia Pearman 1953 G74
    |    |    `--*B. titei Pearman 1953 G74
    |    `--Sphaeropsocopsis Badonnel 1963 SN08
    |         |--*S. chilensis Badonnel 1963 SN08
    |         |--S. argentinus (Badonnel 1962) [=Sphaeropsocus argentinus] M93
    |         |--S. microps M93
    |         |--S. myrtleae NL07
    |         `--S. recens (Hickman 1934) [=Sphaeropsocus recens] SN08
    `--+--+--Phthiraptera YL10
       |  `--Liposcelididae [Liposcelidae] YL10
       |       |--Embidopsocinae YL10
       |       |--Cretoscelis Grimaldi & Engel 2006 YL10
       |       |    `--C. burmitica Grimaldi & Engel 2006 YL10
       |       `--Liposcelidinae YL10
       |            |--Liposcelis YL10
       |            `--Troglotroctes Lienhard 1996 YL10
       |                 `--T. ashmoleorum Lienhard 1996 YL10
       `--Pachytroctidae [Pachytroctoidea] YL10
            |--Antilopsocus bilimbatus (Enderlein 1908) L02
            |--Tapinella YL10
            |--*Psylloneura simbangana Enderlein 1903 NL07
            |--Nanopsocus Pearman 1928 [incl. Onychotroctes Badonnel 1969] M93
            |    |--*N. oceanicus Pearman 1928 (see below for synonymy) M93
            |    |--N. falsus M93
            |    |--N. longicornis M93
            |    `--N. trifasciatus M93 [=*Onychotroctes trifasciatus NL07]
            |--Palaeotroctes succinicus (Hagen 1882) B50
            `--Pachytroctes Enderlein 1905 M93 (see below for synonymy)
                 |--*P. aegyptius Enderlein 1905 M93
                 |--P. achrosta S95
                 |--P. aglyphus Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--P. ambiguus Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--‘Peritroctes’ angolensis Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--P. aurantiacus Badonnel 1949 B49
                 |--P. australis Ribaga 1911 B49
                 |--P. bicoloripes Badonnel 1949 B49
                 |--P. bilimbatus [=*Psacadium bilimbatum] NL07
                 |--P. brasilianus [=*Neotroctes brasilianus] NL07
                 |--P. brunneus Ribaga 1911 B49
                 |--‘Peritroctes’ cochinensis B50
                 |--P. dayae Smithers 1996 S96
                 |--P. denisi (Badonnel 1931) NL07, L98 [=*Nymphotroctes denisi NL07]
                 |--P. dichromoscelis Badonnel 1949 NL07
                 |--P. dundoensis Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--P. ealensis Badonnel 1949 B55
                 |--P. enigmaticus Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--‘Psacadium’ georgi B50
                 |--P. granulosus Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--P. infuscatus S95
                 |--P. insularis S95
                 |--P. ixtapaensis S95
                 |--P. maculosus S95
                 |--P. natalensis [=*Peritroctes natalensis] NL07
                 |--P. neoleonensis García Aldrete 1986 M93
                 |--P. nivecinctus Badonnel 1955 B55
                 |--P. pacificus S95
                 |--P. plaumanni [=*Psyllotroctes plaumanni] NL07
                 |--P. robustus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
                 |--P. rugosus S95
                 |--P. sericeus S95
                 |--P. sinuosus Smithers 1995 NL07
                 |--P. tapinelloides Badonnel 1955 B55
                 `--P. velutina S95

*Nanopsocus oceanicus Pearman 1928 [=Tapinella oceanica; incl. T. africana Badonnel 1948, Onychotroctes africanus, T. pallida Badonnel 1949] M93

Pachytroctes Enderlein 1905 M93 [incl. Neotroctes NL07, Nymphotroctes Badonnel 1931 NL07, L98, Peritroctes Ribaga 1911 NL07, B50, Psacadium Enderlein 1908 NL07, B50, Psyllotroctes Roesler 1940 L98; Pachytroctinae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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