Female Sigmatoneura baiyunica, from Li (2002).

Belongs within: Psocinae.

Sigmatoneura is an Old World genus of barklice exhibiting strong sexual dimorphism with males having hyaline fore wings whereas females have the fore wing strongly patterned in dark brown (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Fore wing with vein Sc meeting costa; R4+5 strongly sinuate; Rs and M connected by crossvein; areola postica an isosceles triangle, basal and distal portions of vein Cu1a converging strongly towards M; wing colour sexually dimorphic, female fore wing dark brownish black with veins R2+3, R4+5 and first section of Cu1a white.

<==Sigmatoneura Enderlein 1908 L02 (see below for synonymy)
    |--S. (Sigmatoneura) L03
    |    |--*S. (S.) subcostalis [=Cerastipsocus subcostalis] NL07
    |    |--S. (S.) antenniflava Li 2002 [=S. antennflava] L03
    |    |--S. (S.) baiyunica Li 2002 L03
    |    |--S. (S.) brachyura Li 2002 L02
    |    |--S. (S.) clara Li & Yang 1988 L02
    |    |--S. (S.) coronata Li 2002 [=S. coronatus] L03
    |    |--S. (S.) flaviventris Li 2002 L02
    |    |--S. (S.) singularis Okamoto 1907 L02
    |    `--S. (S.) triaristata Li 2002 L02
    `--S. (Longifolia Li 2002) L02
         |--S. (*L.) octofasciata Li 2002 L02
         |--S. (L.) chinensis Li & Yang 1987 L02
         |--S. (L.) ellipsoidalis Li 2002 L02
         |--S. (L.) macroloba Li 2002 L02
         `--S. (L.) spicata Li 2002 L02

Sigmatoneura incertae sedis:
  *Dinopsocus’ atratus NL07
  S. basalis Endang & Thornton 1992 NL07
  S. formosa (Banks 1918) L02
  S. kakisayap Yoshizawa & Lienhard in Yoshizawa et al. 2005 NL07
  S. kolbei (Enderlein 1906) NL07
  S. lemahsayap Yoshizawa & Lienhard in Yoshizawa et al. 2005 NL07
  S. longicornis (Banks 1920) [=*Podopterocus longicornis] NL07
  S. orientalis (New 1975) NL07
  S. phaeotherus Smithers 1960 L02 [=*Scaphopsocus phaeotherus NL07]
  S. scitula Smithers & Thornton 1981 NL07
  S. semicolorata (Banks 1920) NL07
  S. subcostalis (Enderlein 1903) NL07

Sigmatoneura Enderlein 1908 L02 [=Sigmatoneuros (l. c.) L03; incl. Dinopsocus NL07, Podopterocus NL07, Scaphopsocus Smithers 1960 L02; Sigmatoneurinae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L02] Li F. 2002. Psocoptera of China vol. 2. Science Press: Beijing.

[L03] Lienhard, C. 2003. Nomenclatural amendments concerning Chinese Psocoptera (Insecta), with remarks on species richness. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 110 (4): 695–721.

[NL07] New, T. R., & C. Lienhard. 2007. The Psocoptera of Tropical South-east Asia. Brill: Leiden.

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