Psyllipsocus ramburii, copyright Chris Lann.

Belongs within: Psocodea.

The Psocathropetae are a group of barklice with a long head and long hind legs.

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Head long, vertical. Antennae sometimes with secondary annulations on flagellar segments. Second segment of maxillary palp without conical sensillum on inner side. Fore wing with nodulus; brachypterous individuals with some venation discernible. Scales not present on body or wings. Combined length of hind tibia and tarsus greater than abdomen. Female with gonapophyses reduced but external valve present as broad setose lobe.

<==Psocathropetae [Psocatropetae, Psyllipsocetae, Psylliposciformia] NL07
    |--Prionoglarididae [Prionoglaretae, Prionoglaridae, Prionoglaroidea] NL07
    |    |  i. s.: *Sensitibilla strinatii NL07
    |    |--Speleketor Gurney 1943 M93 [Speleketoridae, Speleketorinae NL07, Speleketoroidea]
    |    |    |--*S. flocki Gurney 1943 M93
    |    |    |--S. irwini Mockford 1984 M93
    |    |    `--S. pictus Mockford 1984 M93
    |    `--Prionoglaridinae [Prionoglarinae] NL07
    |         |--*Siamoglaris zebrina Lienhard 2004 NL07
    |         `--Prionoglaris Enderlein 1909 [incl. Scoliopsyllopsis Enderlein 1912] G74
    |              |--*P. stygia Enderlein 1909 [incl. Scoliopsyllopsis latreillei Enderlein 1912] G74
    |              |--P. dactyloides Lienhard 1988 L98
    |              `--P. lindbergi Badonnel 1962 L98
    `--Psyllipsocidae [Psyllipsocinae, Psyllipsocoidea] NL07
         |--Pseudorypteryx García Aldrete 1984 M93
         |    `--*P. mexicana García Aldrete 1984 M93
         |--Pseudopsyllipsocus Li 2002 [=Pseudopsyllipsous] L03
         |    `--*P. gangliigerus Li 2002 [=P. gangliigera] L03
         |--Dorypteryx Aaron 1883 [incl. Dolopteryx Smithers 1958] M93
         |    |--*D. pallida Aaron 1883 [incl. D. albicans Ribaga 1907] M93
         |    |--D. domestica (Smithers 1958) [=*Dolopteryx domestica] LL09
         |    |--D. longipennis Smithers 1991 LL09
         |    `--D. yunnanica Li & Liu 2009 LL09
         |--Psocathropos Ribaga 1899 L02 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--*P. lachlani Ribaga 1899 NL07 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--P. cameriferus Li 2002 L02
         |    |--P. cuttackae [=*Granthakita cuttackae] NL07
         |    |--P. domesticus Li 2002 L03
         |    |--P. dyadoclemus Li 2002 L03
         |    |--P. pilipennis M93 [=*Gambrella pilipennis NL07]
         |    |--P. pleurotaenus Li 2002 L02
         |    |--P. purpuripsarous Li 2002 L02
         |    |--P. sinensis Li 1994 L02
         |    |--P. termitorum (n. d.) M93 [=*Vulturops termitorum NL07]
         |    `--P. tridymus Li 2002 L02
         `--Psyllipsocus Selys-Longchamps 1872 L02 (see below for synonymy)
              |--*P. ramburii Selys-Longchamps 1872 M93 (see below for synonymy)
              |--P. batuensis Thornton 1962 NL07
              |--P. hirsutus Thornton 1962 NL07
              |--P. maculatus Li 2002 L02
              |--P. metamicropterus (Enderlein 1963) L02
              |--P. oculatus Gurney 1943 M93
              |--P. sanxiaensis Li 1997 L02
              |--P. sauteri (Enderlein 1908) L02 [=*Parempheria sauteri NL07]
              |--P. sinicus Li & Yang 1988 L02
              |--P. spinosus Badonnel 1955 B55
              |--P. variabilis Badonnel 1986 B86
              |--P. yongi New & Lee 1992 NL07
              `--P. yucatan B50

Psocathropos Ribaga 1899 L02 [=Psocatropos NL07, Psocothropos (l. c.) L03; incl. Axinopsocus Enderlein 1903 M93, Gambrella Enderlein 1931 M93, Granthakita Behura & Dash 1968 L98, Psocinella Banks 1900 M93, Vulturops Townsend 1912 M93; Psocatropidae]

*Psocathropos lachlani Ribaga 1899 NL07 [incl. Vulturops floridensis Corbett & Hargreaves 1915 L98, V. floridanus (l. c.) L98, Psocatropos lesnei Badonnel 1931 M93, *Axinopsocus microps Enderlein 1903 NL07, L02, Psocathropos microps NL07, Psoquilla microps M93, *Psocinella slossonae Banks 1900 NL07, M93]

Psyllipsocus Selys-Longchamps 1872 L02 [incl. Fabrella Lacroix 1915 M93, Fita Navás 1913 M93, Nymphopsocus Enderlein 1903 M93, Ocellataria Weber 1907 M93, Ocelloria Weber 1906 M93, Parempheria Enderlein 1906 L98]

*Psyllipsocus ramburii Selys-Longchamps 1872 M93 [incl. Nymphopsocus troglodyta var. algericus Enderlein 1909 M93, Psy. ramburii brachypterus Badonnel 1943 M93, *Fabrella convexa Lacroix 1915 NL07, M93, *Nymphopsocus destructor Enderlein 1903 NL07, G74, *Ocelloria gravonymphia Weber 1906 NL07, L98, *Ocellatoria gravinympha NL07, Dorypteryx hageni Banks 1897 M93, Psocus pedicularius Rambur 1942 nec Hemerobius pedicularius Linnaeus 1758 nec P. pedicularius Burmeister 1839 M93, Nymphopsocus troglodyta Enderlein 1909 M93, Psyllipsocus (Nymphopsocus) troglodytes M93, Psy. ramburii troglodytes M93, *Fita vestigator Navás 1913 NL07, M93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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