Psocus leidyi male, copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Psocinae.

Psocus is a genus historically used to cover a wide range of (if not all) barklice, now restricted to a more narrowly defined group found in the Holarctic realm and Africa.

Characters (from Mockford 1993): Adults of both sexes macropterous. Nine distal inner labral sensilla. Fore wing marking with pterostigma with brown spot, very variable in size, likewise stigmasaum; a brown mark associated with M-Cu1 branching point; a brown spot at nodules. Hypandrium lacking basal sclerites; with broad median strap bending upward distally and bearing basal tooth or lobe. Phallosome somewhat tapering and rounded anteriorly or with short anterior apodeme; distally variable. Male epiproct flat, not extending anteriorly over clunium; clunium extending at least slightly over epiproct in middle. Male paraproct with shoulder lateral to distal process. Subgenital plate with distal process relatively long and slender; pigmented arms directed posterolaterally, bearing a shallow to moderate trench and row of setae along their length; arms expanded distally. Ovipositor valvulae with apical process of v2 short; v3 large, rounded or quadrate, with median lobe short to moderate.

<==Psocus Latreille 1794 [=Psochus Latreille 1796] L02
    |--*P. bipunctatus (Linnaeus 1761) G74 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. alticolus Banks 1937 NL07
    |--P. annulipes Reuter 1899 (n. d.) [=Psocidus annulipes] L98
    |--P. capitatus Okamoto 1907 L02
    |--P. ciliatus Latreille 1795 L95
    |--P. crosbyi Chapman 1930 M93
    |--P. dolorosus Banks 1937 NL07
    |--P. formosanus Okamoto 1907 L02
    |--P. funerulus Costa 1885 (n. d.) [=Psocidus funerulus] L98
    |--P. grisescens Mc. Lachl. 1866 E07
    |--P. illotus Banks 1939 NL07
    |--P. incomptus Banks 1937 NL07
    |--P. jeanneli Badonnel 1945 L98
    |--P. kiboschoensis Enderlein 1907 E07
    |--P. kolbei (Enderlein 1906) L02
    |--P. lapidarius Badonnel 1936 L98
    |--P. leidyi Aaron 1886 [incl. P. bilobatus Banks 1918] M93
    |--P. mucronicaudatus Li 2002 L02
    |--P. omissus Banks 1939 NL07
    |--P. rizali Banks 1939 NL07
    |--P. sjoestedti Enderlein 1907 E07
    |--P. socialis Li 1997 L02
    |--P. striatulus L95
    `--P. vannivalvulus Li 1995 L02

*Psocus bipunctatus (Linnaeus 1761) G74 [=Hemerobius bipunctatus L02; incl. P. bipunctatus var. grisescens Tetens 1891 non Mc. Lachl. 1866 G74, P. bipunctatus var. spaengbergi Kolbe 1880 G74]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[L95] Latreille, P. A. 1795. Extrait d'un mémoire pour servir de suite à l'histoire des termès, ou fourmis blanches. Bulletin de la Société Philomatique, a ses Correspondans 41–42: 1–3.

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