Trichadenotecnum alexanderae, copyright Alain Hogue.

Belongs within: Psocinae.

Trichadenotecnum is a cosmopolitan genus of barklice with heavily pigmented fore wings.

See also: Trichadenotecnum: six spots and spiny terminalia.

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007, Yoshizawa & Lienhard 2015): Fore wing markings including spots in cell C; opposing spots near base of cell r; proximal band fron stigmasac passing through M+Cu fork to distal third of cell cu2; submarginal row of six spots. Male with clunial arms usually present; hypandrium usually with median tongue; apophyses present on posterior margin of hypandrium.

<==Trichadenotecnum Enderlein 1909 YL15 [incl. Cryptopsocus Li 2002 YL15, Trichadenopsocus Roesler 1943 NL07, L02]
    |--+--+--T. bos YL15
    |  |  `--T. tambopatense YL15
    |  `--+--T. gonzalezi YL15
    |     `--T. peruense YL15
    `--+--+--T. corniculum YL15
       |  `--T. germinatum YL15
       |--T. marginatum group YL15
       |    |--+--T. sabahense Yoshizawa & Lienhard 2015 YL15
       |    |  `--T. sharkeyi Yoshizawa & Lienhard 2015 YL15
       |    `--+--T. cynostigmus (Li 2002) [=*Cryptopsocus cynostigmus] YL15
       |       |--T. marginatum New & Thornton 1976 YL15
       |       `--T. tigrinum Yoshizawa & Lienhard 2015 YL15
       `--+--T. alexanderae complex M93
          |    |--T. alexanderae (Sommerman 1948) YL15, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus alexanderae L03]
          |    |--T. castum Betz 1983 YL15, M93
          |    |--T. innuptum Betz 1983 M93
          |    `--T. merum Betz 1983 M93
          |--T. spiniserrulum group YL15
          |    |  i. s.: T. spiniserrulum Datta 1969 L02 [=Trichadenopsocus spiniserrulus L03]
          |    |--T. ianobidens YL15
          |    `--+--T. falx Yoshizawa 2001 YL15, M03
          |       `--T. furcalingum YL15
          `--+--T. iani YL15
             |--+--T. nothoapertum YL15
             |  `--T. yamatomajus Yoshizawa 2001 YL15, M03
             `--+--+--+--T. album YL15
                |  |  `--T. incognitum Roesler 1939 YL15, G74
                |  `--+--T. mixtum YL15
                |     `--+--T. latebrachium YL15
                |        `--T. medium Thornton 1961 YL15, L02 [=Loensia media L03, Thichorntontecnum medium L02]
                `--+--+--T. desolatum (Chapman 1930) YL15, M93 (see below for synonymy)
                   |  `--T. tuitense YL15
                   `--+--+--T. aconcinnum YL15
                      |  `--+--+--T. decui YL15
                      |     |  `--T. obrienorum YL15
                      |     `--+--T. miffy YL15
                      |        `--T. slossonae (Banks 1903) YL15, M93 (see below for synonymy)
                      `--+--+--T. chiapense YL15
                         |  `--T. erwini YL15
                         `--+--+--T. brevicornum YL15
                            |  `--T. quaesitum (Chapman 1930) YL15, M93 [=Psocus quaesitus M93]
                            `--+--T. concinnum YL15
                               `--T. nicaraguense YL15

Trichadenotecnum incertae sedis:
  *T. sexpunctatum (Linnaeus 1758) YL15 [=Hemerobius sexpunctatus YL15, Psocus sexpunctatus L02]
  T. adika Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. aduncatum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus aduncatus] L03
  T. alinguum Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. alobum Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. alternatum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus alternatus] L03
  T. ampullaceum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus ampullaceus] L03
  T. angolensis Badonnel 1955 B55
  T. arciforme Thornton 1961 NL07
  T. baishanzuicum Li 1995 L02
  T. bicolor (Li 2001) [=Trichadenopsocus bicolor] L03
  T. bidens Thornton 1961 NL07 [=Loensia bidens L02]
  T. bidentatum Thornton 1984 NL07 [=Trichadenopsocus bidentatus L03]
  T. bitenatum (Li 1995) L03, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus biternatus (l. c.) L03]
  T. bromoense Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. bucciniforme Li 1993 L02 [=Trichadenopsocus bucciniformis L03]
  T. calycoideum Li 2002 L02
  T. cheahae Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. chinense Li 1997 L02
  T. cinnamonum Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. circulare (Hagen 1859) NL07
  T. circularoides Badonnel 1955 NL07
  T. cornutum Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. dactylinum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus dactylinus] L03
  T. digitatum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus digitatus] L03
  T. diplodurum Li 2002 L02
  T. emeishanense Li 2002 [=T. emeishanaense, T. emeishananse, T. emeishanse] L03
  T. felix Thornton 1961 L02 [=Trichadenopsocus felix L03]
  T. galihi Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. gallicum Lienhard 1986 L98
  T. germanicum Roesler 1939 G74
  T. godavarense New 1971 NL07
  T. gutianum Li 1995 L02
  T. hammani Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. himalayense Li & Yang 1987 L03, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus himalayaensis (l. c.) L03]
  T. imperatorium Li 1989 L02
  T. imrum New & Thornton 1976 NL07
  T. isocaulum Li 2002 L02
  T. jaculatorum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus jaculatorus] L03
  T. jambiense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. jinxiuense (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus jinxiuensis] L03
  T. kalibiruense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. kerinciense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. krucilense Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. kunmingicum Li 2002 L02
  T. laticornutum Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. mamillatum Li 2002 L02
  T. maroccanum Baz 1989 L98
  T. mclachlani New 1973 NL07 [=Trichadenopsocus mclachlani L03]
  T. minisexmaculatum Li & Yang 1987 L03, L02 (see below for synonymy)
  T. minutum Enderlein 1926 NL07
  T. muaraense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. multangulare (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus multangularis] L03
  T. multicuspidatum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus multicuspidatus] L03
  T. obsitum (Enderlein 1908) L02
  T. obsubulatum Li 2002 L02
  T. opiparipardale (Li 1995) L03, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus opiparipardalis L03]
  T. paradika Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. pardoides Badonnel 1955 B55
  T. pardus Badonnel 1955 NL07 (see below for synonymy)
  T. paululum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus paululus] L03
  T. percussum Li 2002 L02
  T. pergracilum Li 2002 L02
  T. periphericum (Li 2001) [=Trichadenopsocus periphericus] L03
  T. pokhariense New 1983 L02
  T. proctum Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. qingshuicum Li 2002 L02
  T. quadrispinosum Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. quadruplex (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus quadruplex] L03
  T. rachimi Endang & Thornton 1992 NL07
  T. resupinum (Li 1997) L03, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus resupinus L03]
  T. rhomboides Li 2002 L02
  T. santosai Endang & Thornton 1992 NL07
  T. scoparium (Li 1995) L03, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus scoparius L03]
  T. sibolangitense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. soekarmanni Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. soenarti Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. spuristipiatum Li 1997 L02
  T. stipiatum Li 1992 L02
  T. stipulatum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus stipulatus] L03
  T. subrotundum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus subrotundus] L03
  T. subscalare (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus subscalaris] L03
  T. sufflatum Li 1993 L02 [=Trichadenopsocus sufflatus L03]
  T. sumatrense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. tenuispinum Li 1995 L02
  T. thallodialum Li 2002 L02
  T. trichotomum (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus trichotomus] L03
  T. trigonophyllum Li 1993 L02
  T. uncorne (Li 1995) L03, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus uncornis L03]
  T. uniforme (Li 2002) [=Trichadenopsocus uniformis] L03
  T. univittatum Li 2002 L02
  T. vaughani Endang, Thornton & New 2002 NL07
  T. waykambasense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. waykananense Endang & New 2005 NL07
  T. wuxiacum Li 1997 L02
  T. xizangicum Li 2002 L02
  T. majus group NL07
    |--T. apertum Thornton 1961 NL07, L02 [=Trichadenopsocus apertus L03]
    |--T. gombakense New & Lee 1992 NL07
    |--T. majus (Kolbe 1880) M93 (see below for synonymy)
    `--T. malayense New 1975 NL07 [=Trichadenopsocus malayaense (l. c.) L03]

Trichadenotecnum desolatum (Chapman 1930) YL15, M93 [=Psocus desolatus NL07, Trichadenotecnum (*Trichadenopsocus) desolatus M93, NL07]

Trichadenotecnum majus (Kolbe 1880) M93 [=Psocus sexpunctatus var. major L02, T. maijum (l. c.) L03, T. majum (l. c.) L03; incl. P. major var. ocellata Enderlein 1901 L02, P. major var. septentrionalis Enderlein 1910 L02]

Trichadenotecnum minisexmaculatum Li & Yang 1987 L03, L02 [=T. minsexmaculatum (l. c.) L03, T. minsexmaculatus (l. c.) L03]

Trichadenotecnum pardus Badonnel 1955 NL07 [=Trichadenopsocus pardus L03; incl. Trichadenotecnum pardidum Thornton 1961 L03, Trichadenopsocus pardidus L03]

Trichadenotecnum slossonae (Banks 1903) YL15, M93 [=Psocus slossonae M93; incl. T. unum Sommerman 1948 M93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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