Blaste quieta, copyright Robert Webster.

Belongs within: Amphigerontiinae.

Blaste is a cosmopolitan genus of barklice, the definition of which remains debated.

Characters (from Mockford 1993): Adults macropterous or brachypterous, rarely micropterous. Fore wing with veins Rs and M joined at a point, or by a short fusion, or by a short crossvein. Hypandrium distally symmetrical with a pointed process medially (occasionally absent), flanked by two processes of variable shape and length. Male parameres fused at base. Male epiproct with straight anterior margin, not overlapping clunial margin. Subgenital plate with egg guide relatively short, usually somewhat arrow-head shaped; pigmented arms directed anterolaterally, only slightly expanded at distal ends, no anterior median projection from basal junction of arms.

<==Blaste Kolbe 1883 SN08
    |--B. (Blaste) NL07
    |    |--B. (B.) quieta (Hagen 1861) M93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--B. (B.) angolensis Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--B. (Blastopsis Badonnel 1955) B55
    |    `--B. (*B.) triangularum Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--B. (Blastopsocidus Badonnel 1955) B55
    |    `--B. (*B.) maculatus Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--B. (Euclismia Enderlein 1925) NL07, G74
    |    |--B. (*E.) quadrimaculata (Latreille 1794) NL07, G74 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--B. (E.) arabica New 1979 L98
    |    |--B. (B.) balli (Badonnel 1945) [=Euclismia balli] L98
    |    |--B. (E.) conspurcata (Rambur 1842) [=Psocus conspurcatus; incl. P. hilaris Navás 1907] L98
    |    |--B. (E.) cyprica Lienhard 1995 L98
    |    |--B. (E.) diyma Lienhard 1986 L98
    |    |--B. (E.) dundoensis Badonnel 1955 B55
    |    |--B. (E.) lepesmei B55
    |    |--B. (E.) membranosa Lienhard & Halperin 1988 L98
    |    |--B. (E.) osella Lienhard 1987 L98
    |    `--B. (E.) sarda Lienhard 1986 L98
    `--B. (Euclismiopsis Badonnel 1955) B55
         |--B. (*E.) machadoi Badonnel 1955 B55
         |--B. (E.) medleri New 1975 [incl. Neopsocopsis aegyptiacus Meinander 1981, B. muiri Smithers 1979] L98
         |--B. (E.) pauliani B55
         `--B. (E.) vilhenai Badonnel 1955 B55

Blaste incertae sedis:
  B. anuaudi (Badonnel 1955) L02
  B. binotata (Enderlein 1926) NL07
  B. bistriata Schmidt & Thornton 1993 SN08
  B. capricornuta Mockford 1974 M74
  B. cockerelli (Banks 1904) [=Psocus cockerelli] M93
  B. cyclota Li 2002 L02
  B. euryphylla Li & Yang 1987 L02
  B. falcifer Smithers 1979 SN08
  B. fasciata Mockford 1974 M74
  B. garciorum Mockford 1984 M93
  B. harpophylla (Li 1993) [=Neoblaste harpophylla] L02
  B. immobilis Mockford 1974 M74
  B. lignicola (Enderlein 1906) [=Psocus lignicola, B. (Euclismia) lignicola] SN08
  B. longicauda Mockford 1974 M74
  B. longipennis (Banks 1918) [=Psocus longipennis] M93
  B. longivalva New 1975 NL07
  B. nana New 1975 NL07
  B. octofaria Li 2002 L02
  B. opposita (Banks 1907) [=Psocus oppositus; incl. P. interruptus Banks 1920] M93
  B. oregona (Banks 1900) [=Psocus oregonus; incl. P. californicus Banks 1905] M93
  B. osceola Mockford 1984 M93
  B. panops Smithers 1979 SN08
  B. persimilis (Banks 1908) [=Psocus persimilis] M93
  B. phrynae Li 2002 L02
  B. posticata (Banks 1905) [=Psocus posticatus, Psocidus posticatus] M93
  B. pusilla M93
  B. serrata New 1973 NL07
  B. smilivirgata Li 1989 L02
  B. subapterous (Chapman 1930) [=Psocus subapterous] M93
  B. subquieta (Chapman 1930) [=Psocus subquietus] M93
  B. taylori New 1974 SN08
  B. tillyardi Smithers 1969 SN08
  B. verticalis Li 2002 L02
  B. villei Badonnel 1967 L02
  B. yigongensis Li & Yang 1987 L02

Blaste (Blaste) quieta (Hagen 1861) M93 [=Psocus quietus M93; incl. P. bifasciatus Walsh 1863 non Latreille 1799 M93, P. inornatus Aaron 1883 M93, *Blaste juvenilis Kolbe 1883 SN08, M93, P. stigmosalis Banks 1914 M93]

Blaste (*Euclismia) quadrimaculata (Latreille 1794) NL07, G74 [=Psocus quadrimaculatus NL07; incl. P. maculipennis Stephens 1836 G74, P. subnebulosus Stephens 1836 G74]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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